Salman Aslam

I did and I regret it to this day as it was totally unintentional.

I was in college when it happened.

She used to teach English and was one of the nicest people, however, she used to show up 10–15 minutes late to class, not always, but it did happen.

So, one day the Students affair officer was on rounds and came to our class.

As our teacher hadn’t arrived, she asked, Is she always late?

I had to be the loudmouth :(

I said yes.

I don’t know what happened later but eventually she was let go and I still carry the burden of my actions to date.

It has been more than 9 years but I learned a very important lesson that day.

“Sometimes it’s best to stay silent”.

I never meant this to happen as I realize my actions hurt her livelihood.

I wish I could apologize to her if I ever meet her again, it’s the least I can do.

Renita McAfee

My son came home from school with toes so badly broken and mangled that they had to be pinned in place to keep him from losing them and he was in a wheelchair for months. I didn’t get a reason from the school and they didn’t even tell the principal. He hopped off the bus on one foot screaming and I rushed him to the hospital.

It’s important to note that my son is severely autistic and doesn’t speak, so he couldn’t say what happened. There were three teachers and a nurse in his class (some of the students have severe medical problems and needed meds and other assistance).

When I told the school his toes were broken, they tried to have me investigated by dcfs. I refused to send him back to that school, btw.

So, you have 4 adults in a class with severely disabled children who either injured a child or ignored him as he was being injured and didn’t even pay attention to him enough to notice it (or just refused to let anyone know if it was their fault). One of those adults had medical training and didn’t think it was odd that an able bodied child suddenly couldn’t walk on one foot. (I’m calling bullshit that they didn’t know, I think they injured him, I just have no proof). Also keep in mind that these are children who might have a seizure at any moment and who have a history of just leaving the room or building without saying anything, so it’s important to WATCH them.

Long story short, two teachers were fired. The nurse and main teacher had too much tenure to be fired and the public school now has to pay for my son to go to a private school where he has his own private aid.

Owen Dickinson

Yes – and it was one of the most mature and responsible things my class has ever done.

So bear in mind this guy is a cover teacher so not our normal teacher.

This guy came in and was rude to everyone. He just blatantly ignored questions, etc. About half an hour into the lesson, everything went downhill.

We were a tight knit group who all knew each other well and always discussed things as we worked. At the time we were talking about voting (it was 2015) the teacher blatantly said, “Women should not be allowed to vote.” He added, “Women should always be in the kitchen cooking and cleaning.”

We all voiced that he was wrong, even the idiots of the group agreed. One lad (who was black) said the man should go back to school because women and men are equal. To which the teacher replied, Women are not equal you little coloured idiot.”

He then proceeded to push a student over a table.

We reported him, and he got banned from teaching.

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