On last night’s Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon read the best tweets from his #WhyIQuit hashtag challenge.

My boss refused to correct my name badge which spelt “brain” instead of Brian. He said “you’re Brain now so deal with it!”

My boss made me give him piggy back rides after we mopped the floors every night, so there would be less foot prints

I babysat this kid who kept pointing at me and saying, “You’re next.” After the fourth time, I gave my two weeks notice.

My old job had a phone in the restroom. Our boss would call it if he thought you’d been in there too long.

My boss asked if I had a knife to open a box. I gave her one. I was later written up for having a knife at work.

I made a mistake at work and my boss called me up to chew me out. At the end of the conversation he made me say, “I’ve been a bad boy.”

I worked at a convenience store for one day. I quit when I saw the instructions for “what to do when you get robbed.” Not “if” – “WHEN.”

Instead of hitting the 1 key for the number of copies, I typed 1111 and couldn’t make the printer stop. I left before they finished.

I realized my new job loading trucks actually paid the same as my old security job, where I’d just sit around watching Netflix

When my friend was a waiter, his boss made him sing an apology song to diners if they were out of anything on the menu.

I took 6 years of piano lessons growing up. One day, my teacher told me point blank, “you know, piano’s really not for everyone.”

I taught dance, but couldn’t do a split. 7 yr old looked at me one day and said “if you can’t do a split, why do you work here?”

Worked at a hotel when a clown convention reserved a block of 20 rooms. They showed up fully dressed. I still have nightmares.

My boss didn’t come in on our busiest day. Said he was at a meeting. His email dinged and we saw he just ordered food at home.

Boss said you can take that vacation to Utah but you can’t come back.