1. When the idea of washing machines in kitchens was just super strange

2. When our lack of tipping was exposed

3. When they questioned our fine food
the fact that British people eat beans on toast disgusts me??? like wtf have y’all ever heard of flavor

british people eat the weirdest shit man beans on toast wtf is that

4. And our desserts

5. When we confused them with our holidays
England on November 5th: cauSE BABY YOU’RE A FIIIIIREWOOOORK!
Rest of the world: what the fuck are they doing

6. When they stumbled upon the British legend Mr Blobby

7. When America didn’t have a word for “fortnight”
wait you mean you don’t use the word ‘fortnight’ in america??? brigwife
Wait what? Then what do they use? latitudeoctopus
they don’t have a word brigwife
what do you mean they don’t have a word what kind of uncivilised people are they?? catully
the fuck is a fortnight stagdoeandfawn
It’s a word for ‘two weeks’ owlcitymordred
We say “two weeks” theshadyslut
*thousands of cups of tea smash to the ground in shock* carryonmy-assbutt

8. When they couldn’t grasp the concept of an egg cup


10. When they didn’t know why we use washing-up bowls

11. When they had questions about our tea-drinking habits


12. When the “cheeky Nando’s” meme had all of America scratching their heads


13. When they discovered Embarrassing Bodies

14. When our greatest invention, train wine, was discovered

15. When they wanted to learn more about our TV channels


16. When our orange juice came with juicy bits


17. When our puddings weren’t puddings

18. When “fanny” meant something completely different

19. When they picked up on our overuse of the letter X