1. The life of a bad texter

2. You know that, often times, people will assume that your sucking at texting means you also suck at friendship

3. There are a number of reasons one might suck at texting, whether it’s laziness…

4. …Or forgetfulness…

5. …Or simply not wanting a conversation to escalate into anything past some texts

6. Sometimes they’ll call you out subtly

7. Other times they’ll go directly to you to voice their complaints

8. What some folks don’t realize, is that being self-aware of your poor texting habits can be nerve-racking

9. If you dare to read their message without responding, you could be in for an onslaught of follow-up texts

10. And if you take too long, they might be fed up with you by the time you respond

11. They might think you’re just a dull individual who can’t hold a conversation

12. Sometimes, you’ll even be horrified in how long it takes you to finish basic text interactions

13. Even worse, they could think that you’re not interested in texting them specifically

14. Especially when it’s as simple as responding to generic holiday greetings

15. When your friends think you keep your phone on you 24-7, they’re hard-pressed to believe that you simply forgot to respond

16. It can feel very hypocritical, because you knowingly fail to text people the way you want to be texted

17. It’s fine, though, you’ll keep making that half-hearted effort, whether it means sending short texts…

18. …Or just dropping one-word texts in a group message

19. Because, even if you’re bad at texting, it probably just means you’re not rudely occupied by your phone during face-to-face interaction — and that’s what matters most!