When I was a kid, my mother lost her diamond wedding ring. She was devastated. A decade later, while cleaning things up for a garage sale, we found it jammed in the toilet of my Barbie house.

I once bought a kids jewelry box for my niece at a garage sale. While wrapping it I noticed a hidden drawer in the back. A diamond necklace and a gold ring. I took them back to the sale and the woman was so freaking grateful. Apparently they “lost” them years ago.

My vagina.

I used to do computer repair out of my home. I had a friend who was paying me $150 to repair a gaming desktop that, at the time, was worth about $2300. I had to replace the hard drive, then reinstall Windows, then all the drivers, and it took an entire day to get everything working from a backup.
It was set aside for pickup later in the week.
I had a day job at the time that was 3pm to midnight, and my wife worked 9-5, so we had a part time sitter that summer who took care of our 4 year old son from 2-6pm on weekdays. She was not the brightest woman, but we could afford her rates, and we weren’t doing well off financially.
My wife called me one night and told me to sit down, because she had some bad news. We had a lot of sick relatives, and been through some deaths recently, so I thought, “who died now?” She told me that the kitchen table was strewn with computer parts. Our son had taken the computer apart with the power screwdriver and some pliers. Like, completely. Down to the chips, resistors, and capacitors. If it had a screw, he unscrewed it, and if he didn’t, he pulled it off the board with pliers. He then sorted everything by color and size.
I nearly lost my s***. I was both angry as f*** that he did this, and -terrified- telling my friend that his $2300 gaming rig was ruined. I nearly had a nervous breakdown. My wife and I tried to plan where we were gonna get $2300. We didn’t have $2300 in assets in the entire apartment. We couldn’t sell our POS car, because we needed it for work, and maybe, MAYBE would get $1200 for it if we were lucky.
My son couldn’t have done this in a small span of time. He had to have done it in the 4 hours he was with the babysitter. Was he alone for these 4 hours? What the everliving f***???
My wife asked her, and the babysitter said, “he wanted to work on the computer like daddy did. He said he was allowed to.”
She was fired. She wasn’t paid that week, either, because we needed money to pay my friend for a new gaming rig. My wife and I broke the piggy bank, and decided we could pay him back if we went without some medicines, didn’t pay a few utilities, were late with rent, ate ramen, etc… we could pay my friend off in three months with a payment plan.
I remember calling my friend so nervous I was shaking. Then, thankfully, he didn’t think it was a big deal. He said he was thinking of getting a new computer anyway. I didn’t have to pay him anything. I was so relieved.
But that babysitter… damn… what a moron. “He said he was allow to!”

My eye.
When she was six months old, she was sitting in my lap playing with some toy. She suddenly got really excited and flailed her arms up. Her fingernail dug deep into my eye.
Three surgeries later, I still can barely see out of that eye, and it’s visibly screwed up too (not egregiously, but if you look me in the eye my pupil is clearly more oval than circle).
And needless to say, I won’t be telling her about this until she’s an adult at the earliest, and even then only if she asks.

My son never slept for longer than 3-4 hours a night until he was 5, so I was exhausted for years. One day when he was 2, I was sitting on the floor, zoned out a bit, while he was playing with my hair. I pretty much kept in a bun 24-7 back then because my hair was down to my waist and very thick and it just took too long to style. He was having a great time singing and playing with my hair but he eventually got fussy, so I took him to the park down the road. At the busy park, I kept noticing that people were staring at me and several of them looked concerned while others looked amused. I was so tired that I shrugged it off and took him on a quick errand to Walmart. Again, people kept staring at me! It really started to creep me out, so I took my son home. Later that afternoon, my hair was slipping out of the bun it had been in all day, so I reached up to tuck it back in and I found six assorted pairs of Mr. Potato Head eyes stuck into my hair!! I walked around in public for hours like that and had no idea!

The stereo in our minivan quit working. After a little troubleshooting, we found 25 pennies shoved in the CD slot.

20 years ago my friend’s young son was making puzzles and he cut up his father’s original Star Wars a New Hope 1977 poster. His father told me he had to shrug it off because his son didn’t know any better. Best punishment served cold – the son is now a young Star Wars fan and he would do anything to own that poster he himself ruined.

We had a 90g salt water tank with easily upwards of $3k worth of coral, fish… I went to work a night shift and my son unplugged everything for the night my husband didn’t notice
Everything was dead in the morning, and the house smelled lovely.

The television. Apparently, running the scissors over the screen makes it look better.

Our brand new flat screen TV. He was two and threw his toy truck at it…obliterated.
Never wanted to disown him more than in that moment…

My wife is a teacher. In her school each child is assigned an iPad for educational purposes. When the school year is over the iPads have to be wiped and reset to factory settings. Of course this has to be done after school is over. She was running behind getting her classroom prepped to be cleaned and still needed to reset them to factory settings. She brought her iPad cart home with 22 iPads in them. She laid them all down on the office floor and made an assembly line. She got to the last one and left to do something else. Came back and our daughter had played “the floor is lava” on top of 16 of them. The screens were trashed. Some of them would power on but the touch screen function was gone. She had to call her principal and explain. She got a royal ass chewing for it, but lo and behold the next year they were planning on switching to Google Classroom instead… All new Chromebooks for the kids.

My dad ordered a brand new, beautiful cherry wood kitchen table set. On the day it was delivered, my sister walked up to it and bit the wood. Parents still have the table, table still has little kid bite marks.

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My sister told my brother “want to see me throw a match in this trash can?”. My brother ignored her. She did it anyway and burned down the house. My dad came home to find the house burning down, went inside to remove the oven’s gas canister to prevent it from exploding and got severe burns on his hand. He also blamed the smoker neighbor for decades, because he though it was a cigarette that burned the whole house down. She was around 7 at the time, though, and took around 20 years to tell my dad the truth.

My grandpa was in the navy and when he took his youngest son (my uncle) onto a ship for a tour, my uncle wandered away for a little bit. They found him dropping Whoppers (the candy, not the burger) into whatever openings he could find. Supposedly, despite the crew working tirelessly to find them all, they’d still hear whoppers rolling around for years to come.

My neighbor worked in the diamond district of New York City. He’d given his wife a lot of diamond jewelry over the years. One day, she cleaned it all, and left it on a towel on the bathroom counter to dry. Their preschool-aged daughter decided to help mom wash her jewelry–in the toilet. ALL of it was flushed away.

I’m not a parent, but my younger sister somehow managed to ruin all the plumbing in one of the bathrooms of our house. The same sister also backed a golf cart into an AC unit that had to be completely replaced. It wasn’t our AC unit or our golf cart. She’s also managed to ruin the engines of 3 separate cars. My great grandfather used to say my mom could break a crowbar, and that saying has now been passed down to my sister.

I left the controller charging cable plugged into the front of my PS4. Son thought it looked like it would fit perfectly into the wall outlet.
He ran to tell me “Mom! I popped the house!!!”
Fried both my PS4, and our 55″ TV.
Son was okay though. At least I could replace the electronics.

Not ruined exactly but when I was in my teens my boyfriend and I broke into his fathers wine cellar and pinched what we thought was the rattiest looking bottle of wine thinking he would never miss it, turned out to be an incredibly rare, old, expensive vintage that he had been saving since his grandfather gave it to him when he graduated, his grandfather got it from his father, so it had lots of sentimental value as well. I never got over that. We drank it from the bottle out in the woods, what a waste.

My kid broke a 60in TV, Samsung tablet, 2 Galaxy phones (s5 and s6), a refrigerator, my wife’s nose, and a toilet. This kid is taking up quite the tab.