Dushka Zapata

I am in Mexico visiting my mom.

My Dad died over a year ago and I spent some time going over the last bit of his files.

He was organized and threw out as much as he could so he wouldn’t have to put it away.

I have this clear memory of him quickly glancing at correspondence before shredding it and tossing it.

He deeply appreciated not being burdened by too much paper.

I discovered today he kept everything I ever gave him: every sketch, every drawing, every letter.

Image Credit: Dushka Zapata

He’s been gone for over a year and still finds a way to tell me he loves me.

Anna Gomez

Let’s see…

1. My 10-year-old cousin grabbed a dead-looking fish out of the lake.

2. She then proceeded to lay it on the dock and started doing CPR on it. I kid you not.

3. We then realized the fish was pregnant and fish eggs started popping out.

4. I then ran inside to get a container and filled it with water so my cousin could place the dead mother fish in the container as her eggs popped out.

5. Around 20 eggs were now floating in the container.

6. My cousin told me to “”look away” as she was about to perform “surgery.”

7. I’m not sure what she did but there were now more eggs in the container.

8. We did research on what to do with fish eggs.

9. We then learnt that putting them back into the lake would be the best option.

10. We then performed a “funeral” for the mother fish and dumped the eggs back into the lake.

Pretty much my cousin somehow had helped the fish give birth although she was dead.

So yeah, didn’t think we would be saving a bunch of fish eggs today. That was quite surprising.

Rakesh Jilla

I booked a flight to travel to Chicago from Boston. The night before, I made sure I packed all my bags (I had two big check-in bags). I asked my friend to drop me at the airport.

Next day afternoon, my friend came to the apartment early from work, we packed all the bags in his car and started to the airport. We took curb-side service where we can check-in the luggage before entering into the airport. I was standing in the queue with the bags nervous on whether they exceed the weight limit. Each bag should be under 50 pounds or 23 Kgs.

When it was my turn, I handed over the bags and set them on weighing machine. They both weighed exactly 50 and 49 pounds. I was relieved, that was my biggest concern for the trip. The representative at the curb-side asked for an ID for checking the bags and for boarding pass. I handed it to him smiling. He started typing something in his machine.

“What is your last name?” he asked.

“Jilla.” I responded. He started typing again.

“Your last name is Jilla and first name is Rakesh, is that correct?”

“Yes, that is correct.” I responded. He started typing again. This time, a little annoyed.

“I have my mobile ticket if that helps,” I said looking a bit concerned. He said he didn’t need it.

“Somehow I am not finding your name here.” He said, scratching his head. I opened my mobile ticket and tried to show him.

“Oh, I have my mobile pass, you need to take a look, I boo..” my vision got stuck at the day of my journey.

I quickly looked at my friend who was standing besides me.

“What day is it?” I asked my friend.

“Thursday, why?”

“My flight is on Friday, tomorrow.”

Yup, I came to the airport a day before my journey. My friend and I rolled down laughing for a good five minutes before taking our bags and packing them back into the car. Other passengers and the representative joined laughing with us. We apologized the representative at the service. He asked me to come back tomorrow the same time.

That was unexpected.

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