Franklin Veaux

Oh hell yes. Not five minutes before I saw this question, I had a conversation with Eve’s cat Stella:

Stella: “Meow!”

Me: “Stella! Honey! Who’s the kitty?”

Stella: “Meow!”

Me: “You’re a kitty!”

Stella: “Meow!”

Me: “Oh honey. Do you want scritches?”

Stella: “Meow!”

Me: *scritches the cat*

Stella: *purrs*

Eve: “Stella! Who’s the happy kitty?”

Bart Reardon

My daughter once walked in on a conversation I was having with my cat.

She laughed and said, “Daddy, you talk to those cats as if you think they actually understand what you’re saying.”

My reply: “Honey, I do the same thing with people.”

Anagha Manoharan

I grew up with cats. My parents grew up with cats. My grandparents too, actually.

So with this huge work experience, let me tell you, cats talk to us. They in fact don’t even meow to communicate with each other. The purpose of meow is to attract attention from humans. From the way they change their pitch and tone, cat parents can understand what they are asking for.

Sometimes they poke us too when we don’t respond to their meows.

So is it normal to talk to your cat? It will be really rude if you don’t. :(

Claire J. Vannette

Good heavens, I hope so.

Our cat is quite chatty. Conversations commonly go like this:

Me: Little girl!

Her: Meow!

Me: What are you doing?

Her: Meow.

Me: (stretching out hand) Would you like some petting?

Her: (hurrying over to rub my hand) Meow.

Me: Good girl!

She likes to instigate conversations, too. Particularly around 3 a.m.

Her: Meow. Meow. Meow!

Me: Wha? Oh, little girl. Shut up.

Her: Meow!

Me: Do you want some petting?

Her: Meow!

Me: If you want petting, you need to come over here, not sit at the foot of the bed and whine.

Her: (not moving) Meow.

Me: You’re so dumb. You’re basically the dumbest creature on earth.

Her: Meow.

Me: Fine. (Rolls over within arm’s reach, pets her.)

I have no illusions that she understands anything but her name and nickname. But she likes exchanging noises with us.

Ganesh Thayagarajan

Whenever I come home, either one or even both of my cats will come to greet me. Upon seeing them, I’ll start saying, “Hi!” or a “I missed you soooo much!”. It’s a simple thing my cats and I do every single time.

If I see them waiting for food, I’ll start joking with them that I “won’t” give them food this time, and that they have to go out and “work” for their food. Though, this is normally greeted with a slight annoyance while they just stare and wait for the biscuits to come.

Why is this human making so much noise? / Image Credit: Ganesh Thayagarajan

If I am having a bad day, I pull them over to my side and start telling them all about my horrible life; my mistakes, the things people did, all the insecurities I have. And all they do is lie down and purr elegantly as they pretend to listen to their human spout weird noises.

Why is he so noisy? / Image Credit: Ganesh Thayagarajan

Is it normal to talk to your cat? Well, they are animals and surely they can’t speak our tongue, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk to them like they aren’t our friends now, can we?

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