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One of my good friends, let’s call her Michelle, is a dancer.

And it is incredibly hard.

Michelle is pretty tall for a girl her age, extremely fast, flexible and has a lot of stamina. Even for someone who is a great athlete, she practices 15 hours a week, every single week, just to get her dances right.

There is an unbelievable amount that goes into dance: timing, balance, flexibility, chemistry (between partners), stamina, facial expression, leaping, twirling… it’s absolutely amazing.

Even though the professionals make it look pretty simple, it is extremely difficult.

Abhishek Tr

You’re attending the marriage of your best friend. You’re his best man. You’re walking around welcoming the guests and then something happens.

Suddenly you feel a cool breeze hitting your face from nowhere, that beautiful romantic song starts making sense, and then, under the dim lamp near the tree, you spot a dazzling angel whose random glance at you made your heart stop for a second. All gorgeous and divine, she’s out there smiling in that red saree. You’re in a trance.

You shamelessly go to your best friend and ask him about her. She’s the best friend of your best friend’s to-be spouse. Bingo. Now that’s easy. Wait, she’s damn pretty. She must be in a relationship. You probably can’t approach her.

But no. You’re a lucky ass. She’s single and you can make a move now. You could go and strike a conversation, get to know her, ask her out and oh my God, end up marrying her and have kids. That escalated quickly. No, you gotta talk to her first.

This is when real shit happens.

All of a sudden you realise your balls are missing and you’re not able to move towards her. You try pulling your legs, but for some reason you see they’re nailed to the ground, like really deep. You don’t understand what’s happening. You keep looking at her. She’s walking away. Shit , you better run now.

No, you’re stuck again. This time you’re so near to her but you act invisible. What if you get facepalmed real bad and that too on your best friend’s wedding ? That can’t happen. You better not talk to her. But she’s gorgeous and you really want to say Hi. You realise that one of your balls has appeared out of nowhere and you’re able to walk towards her. Great.

You’re just two feet away and you realise that she’s that girl you had a crush on when you were at school. Damn, you’ve been given another divine chance. She’s double pretty now. You better not let that Cupid down. Go on.

Atlast, you’re near her. You say hi and then bam ! Trance mode activated. You utter one beautiful line.

“ Where can I find some drinks out here ?”

Shit. Double headtree. Triple facepalm.

She gives you a poker face. She calls the waiter and asks him to guide you. You wanna kill yourself now. You’re done and dusted. You lost your only chance and now you’re gonna die alone.

You then walk away cursing Brahma for not giving you balls, the cupid for not striking the arrow properly and all the bloody angels in the sky.

So what seems easy but is friggin’ hard ?

It’s not dating, it’s not being in a relationship, and it definitely isn’t marriage.

It’s asking her out for the first time.

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