Anangsha Alammyan

“You haven’t been placed yet? Oh that’s terrible! But at least you’re a girl. You can always marry someone rich!” (And no one bothers to know whether the girl WANTS a job or not. Probably she didn’t sit in the campus recruitment processes in the first place, because she wanted to go for higher studies? O.o)

“Oh you got placed? That’s great. It’s always easier for girls to nail an interview!”

(Overheard in an Engineering College)

Gordon Miller

“Honey, I am Gay.”

I had this happen to a friend of mine. She got married to great guy, he liked to cook and clean. He loved to go shopping and he was great at picking out furniture for their apartment. He was a snappy dresser and loved “chic films” and all sorts of the same things that she liked.

Then, one day about a year and half into the marriage, he came home and told her “Honey, I am Gay.” She thought he was kidding at first. They had been having sex off and on since they got married and sure it was less frequently recently, but she never expected that.

She was devastated. She lost her husband, her best friend, her shopping buddy all at the same time. Once she finally recovered from the shock and was able to process what was happening, she was sympathetic to her ex-husband’s dilemma and was supportive of his journey, even if that was without her. She is now remarried and has two kids. She is glad that is behind her and she still remains friends with her ex-husband, but I recall at the time it happened, it was devastating for her.

Aasees Kaur

“We’re going for a late night drive”, he said.

“But I can’t come. My deadline for hostel is 8:30.”, I replied.

“Who is taking you? All guys are going. I was just telling”, he said.

Huh -_-

Don’t do this! It hurts!



Sean Kernan

I love you.


You are so lucky. To be with me.

Did you get my Fax? Ohh ok. Check again. I sent you a breakup letter.

Do you mind if I date your little sister?

Oh, today is your birthday?

I bought you a present! It’s a treadmill!

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Aashi Gupta

What do you even do the whole day staying at home? )

Seriously, this is the worst thing a man can say to his wife, if she’s a housewife.


· You wake up in the morning to cook for family.

· You clean the house, do the dishes, and the laundry.

· You cook lunch.

· You help the kids with the homework.

· You prepare dinner.

· You have to do this everyday, without any leave.

· Even if you fall sick, you’ll have to do all the chores.

· Even Sunday isn’t a holiday for you.

· Also, you aren’t getting paid for this.

At the end of the day, you retire to bed. Every inch of your body is full of pain. and, you’re greeted with the sentence “Tum pure din ghar pe karti hi kya ho? (What do you even do the whole day staying at home? )”

How’d you feel? Angry? Sad?

This is what a homemaker has to face

If a housewife does not earn does that mean she’s useless? NO.

Being a homemaker, is a 24*7 job itself. :)

Be a man, do not disregard her tasks.

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