Jake Williams

Computer: Dude, what the fuck?

Me: What?

Com: What the hell are you looking at?

Me: It’s called fur-

Com: Can we please look at something else?! Anything?

Me: Fine, fine.

*Few minutes later*

Com: Mate, I can see the amount in your account, and I can see the amount in your Amazon basket. Are you sure about buying all that?

Me: Oh come on, this stuff is important.

Com: A replica halberd is important?

Me: Well I mean it’s… fine, I’ll get rid of the weaponry, but I’m still buying the top hat!

Com: *heavy sigh*

*Few minutes later*

Com: What is this website?

Me: It’s called Quora, it’s filled with intellectuals and curious people, we gather to share knowledge and ideas.

Com: Does anyone actually talk to you?

Me: Don’t get clever, I’ll have you know I’m very popular on here

Com: Captain, I detect no signs of intelligent life.

Me: Hey screw you!

*Later that night*

Com: Go… the fuck… to bed.

Me: come on, just one more game.

Com: You’ve been playing Age of Empires for three hours now, you don’t need another game.

Me: You’re right! It has been three hours since I last played Civ5. I’m going to start another campaign!

Com: It’s two in the morning, and you have class at eight!

Me: I think I’ll play as the Aztecs this time.

Com: *Screaming*

Image Credit: Grant Rivera, Quora

Ashutosh Maheshwari

VLC Media Player
· No dude! Not again. Seriously, you should stop watching FRIENDS.
· Hey that’s a Matthew Mcconaughey movie. Downloading subtitles in T minus 10.
· No! NO! Don’t even think of playing Rains of Castamere.
· Oh deer, Bhai movie? I think I’m gonna crash now.

Windows Media Player
· Everything is fine but please, for God’s sake, tell me what Despacito means.

Google Chrome
· So, Quora again. Huh?
· Someone has tagged you in a Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe meme. Are you interested?
· Oh please! At least switch to incognito mode before searching such stuff.
· ALERT – Dhinchak Pooja has uploaded her new video. Be safe while surfing YouTube.
· Uh, wait. Did you just open GitHub? Like seriously?
· WHAT? It’s urgent! Wait lemme throw error 404 (laughing maniacally)

Adobe Photoshop
· You look shit.
· So again editing her pic Mr. DSLR Friendzoned.
· You look shit.
· NO. I can’t morph you hugging Emma Watson. At least look at yourself.
· You look shit.

· Seriously, you think this code is gonna work? LOL
· You missed a semi-colon in line 45, 48, 52, 56, 57… huh I can’t even count now.
· Haha, don’t be so happy after a successful compilation. I’ll throw a runtime error (laughing maniacally) In your face!!!

· I am telling you for the last time don’t ref… re.. refr…. re… r… ref… re… r… r… refr… ref… re… ref… r… r… refresh me so many times. Who the hell told you that F5 trick?
· Please change the wallpaper. I am tired of seeing Logan movie poster.
· Hey you have to clean me. At least once in a week! Please. I need some space.

Internet Explorer
· Would you like to make me as your default browser? Please. Request. At least try me once. I’m begging you. Please…. (crying)

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