Sean Kernan

A dang case for your cell phone.

But no, apparently it isn’t cool to have a case. All the cool kids wear case-less phones in their butt pocket.

Image Credit: Sean Kernan, Quora

And then they sit on them and go crying to mom and dad for a new phone.

Top end phones cost $800+ to replace.

And don’t ever buy cases from the retail store for $50, they are $10-$20 online.

Also, don’t buy Cell Phone Insurance. It’s a trap.

Anna Sharudenko

1. Books. As Mark Twain said, “the man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.”

2. Travel. From low budget road trips across the U.S. to Bora Bora and snorkeling, or car racing in Saudi Arabia, it really expands your world perspective.

3. Condoms.

4. Experiences.

5. Good food.

Niklas Göke

A proper bed. And I mean the whole thing: frame, mattress, linens, comforter, pillow, sheets and whatever else you need to get a good night’s rest.

If you can reasonably afford to spend $500, spend $500. If you can afford $1,000, spend $1,000.

When I moved to Munich, I decided to get the same bed from IKEA I’d had before. I brought my mattress on the first day, which is also from there. They make decent ones by now, with softened springs inside or foam.

For the first few days, I slept on the floor, but on a good mattress nonetheless.

Then I started assembling the frame for my bed…and the slatted frame.

Image Credit: Niklas Göke, Quora

I feel I sleep even better in it, because I’ve assembled it myself. Must be a psychological twist, but it works.

If you live to be 90 years old and sleep 8 hours a night, you will have spent 30 years in bed.

A third of your life is not something you should cheapen out on. Don’t sleep on sleeping!

Rahul Shrivastava

Almond oil – Apply it on your face before going to sleep. You will not get wrinkles. Saves money spent on expensive creams and moisturizers.

Turmeric – Put a pinch in your food every day. You will be less prone to infections. Also has anti-cancerous properties.

Ginger – Drink ginger-tea everyday. Tasty, good for male potency and fights infections.

Coconut oil – One teaspoon everyday decreases chances of dementia and brain-degenerative diseases.

Baking soda – Apply on armpits. Kills bacteria, decreases odour and removes dark spots.

And two things, which are not found naturally:

Mosquito Swatter – Can’t imagine life in a tropical country without it, especially in Venezuela, where mosquitoes are faster than Usain Bolt.

Neti pot – Good bye to sinus infections and cold.


• Apply baking soda once a while under the armpits after making a paste with a few drops of water a minute or so before taking bath. Wash the area clean. Try with a small amount. Do not proceed in case of irritation.

• Consult a yoga expert for use of neti pot. It has to be sterilised occasionally to prevent getting infection. Alternatively, disposable nasal irrigation plastic bottles are available in the market. Use clean water to avoid getting infection.

Austin Dean


Image Credit: Austin Dean, Quora

Think about it…

• Herpes treatment: $187.92

• Gonorrhea treatment: $203.85

• Genital Warts treatment: $968.00

Even worse…

• Raising a child in the U.S.: $16,200.00 per year (give or take)


• Trojan Latex Condoms: $20


This is a hard one (pun intended).

Let’s see.

No disease, a clear conscience, and great sex?


Wrap it up, gents.

Ketan Pande

Plant a Mango Tree

Image Credit: Ketan Pande, Quora

Benefits After Five Years:

1. 1000 times return

Image Credit: Ketan Pande, Quora

2. A Cool (Really Cool) place to hangout

Image Credit: Ketan Pande, Quora

3. A true friend who wants nothing in return.

Image Credit: Ketan Pande, Quora

4. A destination for Travelers

Image Credit: Ketan Pande, Quora

You are getting so much in return, even though you are investing less than 100 INR or 2 USD.

I think it’s not a bad deal.

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