Maybe little kids have it right when they worship the garbage man, the postman, the guy who drives the semi and cranes, instead of admiring the cesspool of Hollywood that we adults seem to. itsmeagin
- Seems to me more kids want to be youtubers than truck drivers or firemen anymore. CommanderWillRiker

One of the worst feelings is the feeling of your sleeves sliding down you wrists as you wash your hands Mrpeperdude3
- That’s when you cling your arms to your body to prevent your sleeves from sliding down further. Also referred to as “The Careful T-Rex.” IntoTheBathysphere

Referring to your employees as “family” is the corporate equivalent to telling a prostitute you love her. ColfaxDayWalker
- My employer treated me just like family: after being with them for 18 years, they kicked me out! MacSteele13

George Orwell predicted cameras watching us in our homes, but he didn’t predict that we would buy and install them ourselves. FlatTuesday
- “What Orwell failed to predict is that we’d buy the cameras ourselves, and that our biggest fear would be that nobody was watching” is the original quote and it is credited to Keith Lowell Jensen firetrout0

Somewhere out there there’s two bots matched on tinder that are still locked in conversation, spamming each other with phone numbers and cam site links

If and when colonization on Mars is successful, the path that Curiosity has taken will likely become a tourist destination like the freedom trail in Boston

Nothing makes you feel like a bigger alcoholic than taking out the recycling. scissorchest
- Just make a bottle fort. Then it’s not a problem. It’s art. glennismacdowgal

Considering the health issues associated with sitting in one place for too long, ADHD is an evolutionary defense mechanism in response to our society. SirRaiuKoren
- As someone who has ADHD, our hyperactivity doesn’t manifest in standing up and sitting down constantly :| DesMephisto
- This, I’m still lazy as fuck. It’s my mind I can’t slow down. 333x

Everybody’s lips were probably so fucking chapped during the ice age thecarelesscanuck
- I wonder if they used animal fat. 6_inches_of_travel
- Interesting note: I have a big beard and mustache and have lived through some extremely cold winters. Besides keeping me much warmer (equivalent to wearing a wool scarf on my face), I have found that I never, ever get chapped lips since growing the beard. Barrytheuncool

Considering how much they tend to like garlic, crucifixes, being in the sun and looking in mirrors, it would really suck for an italian dude to get turned into a vampire.

Image Credit: steptohealth.com

When you get half a pickle with your sandwich, you are sharing a pickle with a stranger.

Homeless people should pitch their tents outside big box stores and sell theitr spot in line to Black Friday shoppers.

If The Walking Dead was set in any other country, there probably wouldn’t still be enough guns/ammo to continue having full on firefights every couple days.

A child is the most expensive thing you can get for free.

The Milky Way could very well be the galaxy with the most milk in it.