1. When you get that random hit of dread
anxiety: hey its time
me: for what
anxiety: its time
me: ?????????
anxiety: :)
me: ????????????????????????????????????????????

2. When “no worries” is kind of a lie
I say no worries a lot for someone who worries 101% of the time

3. When literally everything is fine, but also it’s not
Anxiety: THIS IS TOO MUCH!!!!
Me: What is too much?
Anxiety: THIS
Me: I am literally sitting at home doing nothing. My only obligation this evening is to take out the trash. Work went well today. What exactly is the problem????
Me: But nothing is happening?
Anxiety: TOO MUCH

4. When you feel just kinda awkward and uneasy
sometimes anxiety makes me feel the way Ted Cruz looks

5. When your social anxiety ends up being a lot of work


6. When nothing’s happening but it feels like something’s happening


7. When your brain just doesn’t listen
me: please don’t panic and overanalyze things again
brain: how bout i do a n y w a y

8. When you make the mistake of WebMD-ing something
my throat is kinda irritated let me google it and see what’s up
- i have a brain tumor

9. When your anxiety picks and chooses what it wants to freak you out about
Me: *gets anxiety making a phone call* Also
me: *feels completely at ease and downright cheerful wandering around unfamiliar city with only vague knowledge of how to get to where I’m going*

10. When you get to ~that~ moment in the checkout line
does anyone else get really anxious when the cashier hands you change and you’re hurruedly putting it away in your wallet so that the next customer in line can proceed or is that just me mattsmcgorry
i don’t even put it in my wallet, i just crumple everything and throw it in the bag before the anxiety bomb goes off ineedtochangemyfuckingurl

11. When you thought the issue was resolved
anxiety: OK BUT WHAT IF –
me: homie we went over this like 100 times yesterday and we totally resolved it
anxiety: yeah but i’ve looked at it from a new angle and there’s like 20 more reasons why u should be worried about it
me:…..go on

12. When you have one of those Apple Core Moments
Social Anxiety will make you do weird things, such as holding onto an apple core for 45 minutes during a meeting because you’re too anxious to go to the trash can that’s 10 feet away
or waiting for someone else to throw out their apple core so you know it’s okay
but waitiing a few minutes after they do so you don’t look like you were waiting for them
and trying not to stumble because you know everyone is watching you walk
and feeling really proud and relieved when you arrive back at your seat after having successfully thrown away an apple acore like it’s a difficult task
i feel this too much

13. When it feels like there’s a boss fight coming
Anxiety is like perpetually hearing the boss/enemy music but never seeing the threat. reversingyourpolarity
This is the best description I’ve ever heard. crayonster

14. When you’re metaphorically teetering a bit
Having an anxiety disorder is like that moment where your chair almost tips or you miss a step going down the stairs but it never stops myawfulpersonality
the perfect description bettybonesco

15. When you discover your own version of bravery
my anxiety has a loophole that if somebody is else is equally or more uncomfortable I develop the sudden ability to Do The Thing yourspookyginger
i cant go and ask for more ketchup for myself but if my friend wants more ketchup im out of my seat in a second castielsteenwolf

16. When you appear nonetheless
overcoming ur anxiety to go out with friends