I’ll never forget when I was a teenager in the 90s. I received an email about having a family member over seas. I asked my mom if I did lol, cause the email said I was entitled to an inheritance.

Not me but a friend bought $20 of flour because a guy on the street told him it was cocaine

I gave half my nights tip money to a woman who said her car broke down and she had to go pick her kids up from daycare. I believed her because she was standing in front of a car getting towed. I told someone about it later and they described her to a T and said “yea that’s Kimbo, you just bought her a weeks worth of crack”. I’ve met like six people since then that she’s done the same thing to.

When I was little my Grandma would take me thr dentist for my regular cleanings. After the fluoride she would tell me now you’re not allowed to have candy for a month because of the fluoride. She would get the dentist to agree with her.
I believed this for a couple years until I mentioned how it’s not fun having to wait a month to eat candy because of the dentist to my friends at school. I knew something wasn’t right when I realized noone knew what I was talking about.
I went home and told her I knew the no candy after the dentist wasn’t true. Her response was “well I’m suprised I got away with that for as long as I did”.

I got pulled into an Amway meeting. When I was in college I was working as a waiter at a Pizza Hut, and a customer came in and struck up a conversation. Eventually he pitched me on a possible new job. He described it as “kind of like an internship.”
The first red flag should have been he wouldn’t give me any specifics other than something about “running a business.” Next he gave me a date/address of where to meet and he told me to dress in a suit. That also seemed weird since we were meeting at 7pm. Who interviews at 7pm?
Anyway I get there, and about a hundred other people are there. I was getting a weird vibe and I should have run at that point, but I was desperate for something other than waiting tables. After an hour of parading different motivational speakers they finally announced they sold Amway to achieve their goals. I then went home older, wise, and destined to serve pizza for many more months.