The bride stepped on her train and slowly tumbled down a flight of the stairs leading down from the church, ruining her dress and day. Everyone present felt nothing but sorry for her, but she felt humiliated anyway.

I worked as a caterer for a few years to make some cash.
I went to one wedding where there was no alcohol (dry wedding because the bride’s father was a recovering alcoholic.) The bride’s family was fantastic and very enthusiastic about everything despite the lack of alcohol.
The groom’s family, however, clearly disapproved of the bride. At one point during dinner, everyone started tapping on their glasses to get the bride and groom to kiss. When they did, the groom’s mother yelled “BOO SLUT!” and then looked around like oh, who said that?
Everyone knew it was her. All night she was making really horrible comments about the bride, gossiping with people she barely knew about whether the bride was actually a virgin (yuck.)
The fact that she did all this sober made me wonder if she was better or worse when drunk.

The bride decided that she didn’t want to throw her bouquet but still wanted to have the traditional “single ladies scrambling for the bouquet” moment in her wedding.
So she decided to throw a flower. Just one crappy flower.
She threw it and it sailed over all our heads and landed dead on the floor. No one picked it up and we all sort of silently noped off the dance floor. It was really cringe.

It was embarrassing but also hilarious and we laughed, she laughed, bride and groom laughed so jt wasn’t too bad.
When the father of the bride stood to give a speech, he looked at his daughter with love, said something nice about her, then pointed out the maid of honour (his younger daughter) and said v loud and clear: “My new son is great and all, looking for another for this one here. Her number is …” and he dead ass listed off her number and told all the single guys in attendance to try for his daughter.

Image Credit: Wedding Wire

We went to our friends wedding earlier this year. The couple are amazing, we love them, and they are so chill and perfect for each other.
The humanist conducting the ceremony told their ‘love story’ (how they met, etc.), and then told us when and where their son was conceived… said 13 year old son was stood next to them at the altar. I physically cringed.