Whenever I fill my cats water dish, he HAS to splash in it first before drinking. Don’t have a clue why, but I’m not educated in cat psychology. One time, he splashed in his water as per his ritual, then laid down in the puddle he just created, then freaked the fuck out because he was wet now. Funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

My dad has this ritual where every night he makes tea and he stands at the counter and counts 500 dips with the tea bag. Kinda weird, I know. But we had a litter of kittens that would use that opportunity to climb up his clothes and sit on his shoulder, all five of them. Every night, it was super adorable.

Once he brought a live mouse into the house. When I saw it scurry behind a chair, I jumped up onto the coffee table and started yelling for my brother to come get the mouse. My cat stopped looking for the mouse and jumped onto the coffee table with me and started loudly meowing.
Don’t mock me, kitty. You did this, what the fuck lmao

Our cat has a very strict “no phones in bed” rule. If she sees that phone glow after lights are out for the night, she’ll wedge herself between the screen and your face and refuse to move until you turn it off and put it away.

Image Credit: Pinterest

One day I saw him walking extremely slowly towards the birdbath – where birds were drinking and looking for food – and I mean he was walking so slowly that the birds weren’t even scared. He goes up to the birdbath and stands on his back legs to drink the water out of it. The birds sat right on the fence like 2 feet away feeling no danger. Then he just walked back to the door and wanted in.
Im glad he doesn’t want to eat my birds, but it was kind of embarrassing as a cat mom. He’s like a real life Garfield.

I had two scottish folds who some how knew that if they sneezed on my food they would get it. I was forced to stop eating in front of the TV and instead had to eat at the kitchen table.