Rohan Sinha

Last night, I slept around 9 PM as I was extremely tired.

Then Mom came and woke me up and made me eat my dinner. I quickly finished that while half-sleep.

I got back to sleep and then even when I was not fully sleep, I felt a blanket over me. Oh! this must be Dad. He switched on the mosquito repellent, switched off the lights and then during midnight, I noticed that he came to accompany me in my room.

Now, when the Mom’s love is loud and clear. I fail to notice that Dad is loving and probably he loves me more than he loves my siblings.

That blanket reminded me of thousands of similar incidents since childhood. His love and care is mute and hence often go unnoticed.

I also didn’t realize that he has taken leave as I came home after long time.

He did that as he wanted to spend some more time with me.

Love of a Dad is often underrated. I regret taking his love for granted. I Love my dad :)

Kasee Sreenivas

When I was a child, 3rd grade to be specific, I found a caterpillar in my garden.

I instantly remembered one of my friends saying “Lock a caterpillar in a match box, it will turn into a butterfly after a week”.

I loved butterflies. So I ran into my kitchen to find a match box. Found one. There were only two match sticks, threw them away and went to my garden running. Somehow managed to put that caterpillar in that matchbox.

I made two small holes on the either sides so that there’ll be some air. Placed the matchbox in a cool and dry place.

2 days passed, I couldn’t stand my curiosity, opened the matchbox to see the progress.


I cried a lot but that caterpillar I had killed unintentionally never came back to life.

All I had in my mind was REGRET.

I eventually learned not to believe anyone blindly. This incident laid the foundation.

Rajana Siva

I wasted 2.1 Millions of minutes of my life by Choosing mechanical engineering over Computer Science.

4 years

1,462 days

35,088 hours

2,105,280 minutes

126,316,800 seconds were wasted.

Yes, I could not fight with my parents and well wishers to choose a branch which I wanted to.

I wanted to become a software engineer but I was forced to study Mechanical engineering, I could not find anything interesting in my entire engineering except spending leisure time with my computer science friends.

I was totally fucked up.

Decided to get rid of it.

Improved my basic programming skills and communication skills while trying to pass mechanical engineering subjects.

Image Credit: Rajana Siva

Finally this is me placed in a MNC and working as software engineer but I always regret about my 4 years of life which I had lost.

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