I couldn’t find my passport the night before an international flight. I seriously and increasingly frantically pulled the house apart. My cat must have thought I was trying to catch a mouse so kindly brought me a half dead one.

My cats refuse to drink from the water dish. We have a bathtub faucet that has a slow constant drip. They will sit out side the bathroom bagging to get in for hours to drink from the bathtub instead of drinking from the water dish.

One of my cats is easily scared and anxious 24/7, but when laying in my bed he can relax for many hours.
One day I forgot to set off the alarm clock while he was peacefully sleeping though and it went off with it’s usual loud ass ring that’s been given me daily heart attacks in the morning for two years or so, and of course he freaked out, even more than I did.
He threw his legs in every possible direction with a face that just screams how close he was to dying, until he accidentally rolled out of my bed, right onto the floor where he tremblingly and one leg just hanging paralyzed off his torso tried to make his way to the door. He didn’t make it before his other three legs gave in too.
I’m pretty sure he was robbed off at least two years of living that day.

Image Credit: Pinterest

We got a new kitten in May. He was 5 weeks old at the time and was very very underfed, the shelter got him at three weeks and fed him adult wet food from that point on.
Love him to pieces but the start of his life gave him a rough start to it. He is by no means an intellectual giant and he does things everyday that makes us question it.
He once ate soap, threw it up and decided it wasn’t that bad and went for seconds had to switch him to newspaper litter while he was healing from his neuter surgery, thought that we were giving him an entire tray of kibble.
Loves looking at the ceiling fan, the SO thought the the ceiling fan was turned off (as it was moving really slowly), lifted him up so he could get a closer look and the kitten put his face in the way of the fan thought the pizza guy was his new dad and tried to go home with him (unrelated to previous incident) broke the christmas tree by thinking he could lie in the branches decided that the metal base of the christmas tree was a good chew toy and chewed on it for an hour before giving up and many many more