Spencer Holt

Never have I ever:

Been on a date

Been on an airplane

Had my first kiss

Killed a human being

Married anyone

Had an eating disorder

Not been sweaty

Legally driven a car

Lost my virginity

Eaten seafood and enjoyed it

Been on a cruise

Been in the back of a police car

Not craved a good steak and Dr. Pepper.

Been attracted to my own sex

Had a crush on my teacher

Been the most popular person at school

Typed correctly/ traditionally

Been to the moon???

Attended a school for more than 2 years consecutively

Gone “all-out” at a school dance

Not re-enacted arguments afterwards in the shower.

Curuz Hans

I have never:

Watched a single fast and furious movie

Eaten a vegetarian camel-burger

Been on television

Been on the ISS

Traveled alone

Seen Adolf Hitler in person

had twenty nein girlfriends at a time

Got more than 37 deaths on Teemo (a hated character in a moba game called League of Legends)

Won more than 5$ on lotto

Driven faster then 120mph (190kph in less retarded units) No, I don’t live in Germany

Seen a unicorn in a 2016 Porsche 911 twin turbo V6 566hp AWD

Been in Somalia

Played a match of chess against George Bush neither before nor after the incident

Annabelle Barbazette

Never have I ever:

been to jail

had a Harry Potter movie marathon

read or seen Twilight, but I think I’m happy it stays that way

met Taylor Swift (I’m not giving up yet though)

met J.K. Rowling (I’m not giving up on that either)

been in a commercial

been dead

broken a bone

eaten a hamburger and liked it

smoked (cigarettes look so disgusting)

stood in the middle of the street in nothing but a purple hat

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Syed Hasnain

I have never:


Travelled to another country

Played Rugby

Watched Game of Thrones, Friends.

Felt broken with 69 others

Down-voted an answer

Used the doggy filter on Snapchat

Secured less than 85% till 9th

Secured more than 75% after 9th

Never seen an Electron

Replied someone with hmm or k

Used a Play station (Xbox once)

Used an iPhone

Donated blood

Scored a goal in soccer

Had a pet

Went shopping alone

Mikhail Geissler

Never have I ever

Had a girlfriend

Been famous for anything

Gotten the autograph of anyone famous

Had more than 750 in my bank account (I’m 16 btw)

Owned my own car

Met a millionaire

Been to Canada

Killed a fellow human

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