Dushku Zapata

When I was born my parents named me Alexandra.

Alexandra Zapata.

A few hours after the moment of my birth a friend of my mom’s visited her at the hospital.

“Dushka” she said, snuggling me. It’s a term of endearment – it means my little soul.

From that moment on, no one – not my parents, not my siblings, not my friends, not my work colleagues- has ever called me anything other than Dushka.

Dushka is the name on my business card and on my book covers.

It’s the name I respond to when someone hollers from across the room and the name I use when I sign something.

It’s the name Boyfriend uses when he whispers that he loves me (and when he shakes his head at me in exasperation.)

I cannot produce official ID with the name Dushka on it.

Sindhu Satish

1. I brush my teeth 5 times a day and carry a small dental kit wherever I go. Now you might think this is a great habit, but my dentist told me to reduce brushing, to twice a day as brushing it 5 times weakens the teeth and gums.

2. I do not get jet lagged. I have flown numerous times from the USA to India and back , but I still have never gotten jet lagged. There have been times when I have landed in Mumbai, India at midnight and gone to work the next day at 9 am and had a normal day. (Sure, I was a wee bit tired but caffeine made me survive the day).

3. I like eating my food cold or lukewarm, never steaming hot or even hot. Judge me all you want but I like my pizza cold-isa.

4. I can get ready with make-up, hair done in less than 30 minutes every morning (Including my shower). (Given below is an example of the same).

Image Credit: Sindhu Satish

5. I pack very quickly. E.g. If I need to go on a cross country trip for 3 weeks, my bags will be packed in 20 minutes. Any shorter trip, and the packing time comes down.

Silva Keohulian

I have hyperthymesia

Image Credit: Silva Keohulian

That means..

• I remember what I wore on certain events even if they were ages ago.

• While encountering a certain hard word, I remember vividly when and where I learnt it. Let’s say I see the word “ vulnerable”, well I learnt it in grade 8, from Beyond book on the lesson “The Iron Woman”.

• I remember conversations word by word. So, no! You can’t lie to me..

Image Credit: Silva Keohulian

Yup, proud to be one of them! :)

Otis Luke

I can hear 20,000Hz.

Image Credit: Otis Luke

As you can see, each type of animal can hear a certain frequency range.

When you are born, your hearing is at a perfect 20Hz-20,000Hz. However, as you grow older, you start to lose the top-end.

I am 21 years old, most people my age can hear about 16,000Hz. I, on the other hand, can still hear 20,000Hz+.

The last time I had my hearing checked, my doctor told me that it’s an extremely rare circumstance because humans should lose about 3000Hz-4000Hz by the time they turn 18, however, mine has never suffered.

What’s even more weird is that I am a DJ and record producer, so I’m constantly surrounded by loud music. I get my hearing checked every month or-so and, to my own amazement, there are never any issues.

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