I’m a very part time Uber driver and recently had a pick up going to a doctor’s office/clinic. When I got close to the building I could clearly see from the road that my passenger was extremely upset. After a couple minutes she proceeded to tell me that she was 12 weeks pregnant with twins and had just found out that both had passed away. To make it even more emotional she showed me pictures of the ultrasound. I have never felt worse for a human being in my life. After I dropped her off I had to park and re group my head for about an hour. That was freaking rough.

Well, I’m an Uber but it’s pretty much the same thing. I was going to pick up someone, when I picked up the guy he asked me if I had a family. That question was weird enough but looking at him he looked like a nice fellow, so I said I was just engaged. And then this is where all the intense shit happened. He pulled out a 12-inch blade and told me to take him to my place, I was a fairly skinny guy and my dad always told me to keep a blade in my car so I did. He must’ve been new to town because he didn’t know I was driving to a police station, so once he saw a ton of cops he got suspicious he moved up a little close to me, and that was it. The first time I actually made someone lose a lot of blood. I stabbed him on the side of the arm. So while he was in the backseat screaming I was calling the police and got him arrested. He got a 20-year sentence and a 50 thousand dollar fine for attempted homicide.

I’m an Uber driver, and one night I picked up a drunk married couple from a bar. They were in their late 30s or early 40s and sat in the backseat. While we were on the freeway, I heard moaning so when I looked back, I saw the husband performing oral sex on his wife. It was hard to ignore since she was very loud.

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I drove nights for a cab company in a town that boomed in the summer. One night I pick up these two local bouncers (roid heads) and am taking them to one of the clubs. Dude starts getting fresh, asking sexually suggestive questions ( I am female and was about 21 at the time). I’m trying to joke around with them and keep it light but I was getting increasingly uncomfortable. He then asks me “Do you take it up the ass?”, so I fire back “Why, do you?”.
This is just as we’re pulling up at our destination, right outside of a busy nightclub on the main drag. Suddenly, he grabs me by the throat from behind and starts calling me a little bitch and a fucking tease and he reaches down my shirt and starts squeezing my breast while he licks up and down the side of my face. I was struggling to get loose and had my feet up on the dash at this point but I couldn’t reach my radio.
Suddenly, he let’s go, tosses a five on the seat and says keep the change you little bitch. And then he was gone. I drove straight to the office, parked the cab and went and cried in the shower for a few hours at home.