I’m in a big city, climbing up through a building, going up stairs, through hallways, up fire escapes. Its a bunch of work, but on the roof theres a really cool basketball court surrounded by a fence. The sun is setting, there’s a game going, and I stand around waiting to play. I always wake up before it’s my turn.

I dreamt I was getting a blowjob once, and that was pretty cool.

I dreamed that i was out in the cosmos with God. He told me the point of it all and i laughed and laughed until the the sound of my own actual laughter woke me. How wonderful, but then often happens with dreams and jokes, i forgot the punchline. True. I hadn’t been to church for 8-10-years or so at that point. It still makes me smile though.

Sometimes when I finish binge reading a really good book, which I usually finish reading at something like 3-4am, I’ll have a dream where I’m somehow involved in part of the plot. Sometimes I’m one of the protagonists of the story and sometimes I’m just me, having my own adventures within that particular world. I never want to wake up from those dreams.

Image Credit: Women’s Health

I suffer from Hashimoto’s disease and I have hit a plateau with treatment. Add some scoliosis that provides chronic pain. I dream almost every night, almost always incoherent nightmares. However, the mild nightmares the ones that include a sense of community with my peers in the dreams I don’t want to wake up from. I’m not sick in my dreams, I’m not fatigued and I’m not in pain. I’m a regular healthy individual.

My aunt died when I was 14 and she was 43. She was my favourite aunt and I was devastated. When someone dies, I wait for them to come visit me in my dreams. Weird, I know. I’m not religious, consider myself spiritual. Sometimes, they come right away, other times, I wait a long time.
She came to me many years after her death. We were on this beautiful bluff with plants so beautiful, I never seen them before. She was young and beautiful again. We spoke about my life since she left and I felt such peace. We watched the sunset together. Then I woke up. I don’t know what heaven looks like, but if it’s like that, it was beautiful.