Essentially you want to be wary of a lot of turnover. If you ask how long your interviewer has been there, and they themselves haven’t been there long… not a great sign. You have only been here a month and you’re doing the hiring?

If they struggle to answer the question “What is your favorite thing about working here”. A former colleague of mine taught me to ask this question at interviews, and it has proved to be quite valuable. If the interview team does not struggle or hesitate to come up with multiple answers that sound original, they likely work for a great company. But if they do struggle to answer and give unremarkable responses, they are not worth your time.

When they say “we expect people to be comfortable working overtime”
Translation ~ “We’re going to ride you until the wheels fall off”

From my experience, if you interview for a teaching job two days before the school year starts and they dance around why they have an opening and then tell you that you can’t start until 2 weeks into the school year and that you can’t come and shadow other teachers or get to know the building or anything until the night before. Spoiler: I lasted a week and then quit, and they had forgotten to make me sign a contract, so I got away clean.

“I need to know you’ll be available at a moment’s notice, regardless of weekends, holidays or pre-arranged time off. If this minimum wage, no-benefit job isn’t your highest priority, don’t waste my time.”

When you’re constantly seeing repeat ads for them on any job searching platform. TiffanyBlews

They don’t allow you to ask questions at the end of the interview. They hint that people need to ask permission for things like going to the bathroom. The hiring manager knows nothing about the job.

The phrase “Work hard, Play hard” it translates to you will have no free time but we’ll have a team activity twice a year. Sorce291
- From my experience this usually means this job sucks and that’s why everyone who works here drinks after every shift. Leekdumplings

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“Must be a self-starter” = We won’t train you.
“Fast-paced environment” = We will overwork you.
“Must be able to multitask” = We fired three people and want you to do all their jobs.

I once got a job offer where the boss was trying to coerce me into accepting the offer an hour after the interview had ended, even though he had been rude and dismissive towards me all through the interview.
I had other offers I was also considering, so I wanted to take a couple of days to think about it. After 24 hours he emailed me angrily and rescinded the job offer because I wasn’t “committed enough” to be a good employee.
I definitely dodged a bullet on that one.

I started typing up a reply, but I figure it’s more helpful to show things that aren’t red flags.
• If it’s an office environment where the line workers have personal doodads in their desks. Means no crazy high turnover.
• If people in the halls will say “Hello” to you in passing.
• If the person who will be your manager is part of the interview and has actual questions jumping off from your resume info.
• If the interior of the break room fridge doesn’t look like shit and is actually cleaned.
• If you are not pressured into signing any paperwork at the immediate end of the interview.
• If there is any kind of free coffee.
• If it is a business casual dress office and people are actually dressing as such. People showing up in screenprinted t-shirts in supposed business casual offices means they DGAF. (Edit: To be clear this one is IF there is a dress code. The basic point is if people care enough to follow what the code is, or if it isn’t enforced. Not enforcing an existing dress code can be a sign nobody cares.)
• If they don’t use the phrase “we’re a family” or try to ram any hokey company culture shit on you during the interview.
• If they can specifically explain the job they want you to do.
• If they are aware of the truth of the Jewish-Reptillian conspiracy to subjugate the human race by ionizing fluoridated water. A good office provides only non-fluoride water kept in degaussed non-magnetic containers.