Kid in my class bragged about how he stole an air freshener from the school bathroom. He was holding an unwrapped, wet urinal cake in his hand.

My Uncle always interrupts Thanksgiving dinner to brag about how sour his farts taste.

Back in highschool, there was this rich kid who loved to brag. Usually about his dad’s car or some shit he did in a video game. He also liked to one up people.
I don’t even remember how we got on the subject, but he started bragging about his washing machine and how many RPM it had.

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The size of his dick. That’s not the dumb part though. The dumb part is that I was about to see it… And he lied. Like, wtf?!

I sadly relate to this. One of my coworkers is a bit in this “Oh my god my son is growing up!! Help!!” phase, noticing every little sign of puberty in her 12 year old. It’s fine when she talks about how he has different interests now or whatever but she literally also talks about that her son is growing pubes now, and, quote: “As he was younger I thought it was pretty small and questioned if he’d ever make a woman happy, but now it already has a decent size!” as if it’s normal to tell your coworkers about your 12 year old son’s genitals. I was just so disturbed too that she was already thinking of him being sexual or being of good use sexually for a woman when he was younger than that.. very creepy. I definitely don’t wanna think like that about children.

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Making her fiancé spend $10,000 on her ring.
He was able to find a great diamond wholesale and worked a deal with a friend to make the ring. It would have been a one of a kind item.
Nope. She refused and insisted he get what she picked out. The stones were of lessor quality. No matter what he said, she insisted he spend at least $10,000. The actual ring and gems were not as important to her as the price tag.
She told that story with a huge shit eating grin on her face. Whenever she showed the ring, she would stick it in people’s faces and say it was “5 figures.”
The marriage lasted 9 months.