I heard a meow and my cat NEVER meows, so I got concerned and turned on my light to see A STRANGE CAT in my room at 3am. I screamed because it was so terrifying and unexpected. I don’t even have a cat door or anything and have no idea how it got in my house to this day.

My roommate during freshman year of college was a sleep talker. I always knew what she was dreaming about because she practically narrated her dreams. One night she was being particularly loud and caused me to wake up. I then had the pleasure of listening to her fantasies about having a threesome with me and her boyfriend.

I woke up the other night because my dream was SO boring. My brain was just tired of it, and I woke up frustrated from the boredom.

My dog (rip Barney bear) used to have nightmares. What about, we never knew, but he would wake us up with this terrible keening screaming sad sound about once a week. We would have to calm him down by getting his head and saying shhhh until he woke up and then he’d give us his doggy smile and go back to sleep.

Image Credit: Reader’s Digest

My sister was woken up to a crazy woman in her living room slashing a knife around at nothing and hysterically yelling about people being after her.
Turns out it was her neighbour who had done a ton of drugs and got super paranoid and thought bad men were chasing her. She climbed over the partition between their balconies and went in through the sliding door screaming and knives blazing.

My wife’s ferret nuzzling through my hair and licking my scalp. I woke up in the manliest way possible. Screaming like a teenage girl that something wet was in my hair and scratching me.
Other time was when my 4 year old son was nose to nose with me whispering “dad, daad, DAD” until I opened my eyes and seen a face . I once again gave the manliest scream and got yelled at for scaring the boy. Never mind I felt like I was having a heart attack.