I’m a 6’1 woman. I’ve only met one other woman who was taller than me. We became friends instantly and hung out together in heels for about a month straight.

It hurts to be tall the older you get. Standing up, cold feet, grabbing something off the floor, getting in cars, finding pants, etc. So, I feel bad for people taller than me.

It’s honestly one of the only times I stand up straight.

I feel threatened. I’m always the tallest, so it makes me nervous to not be.

I am 6’7 and saw someone at a music festival recently who was easily 7 feet tall. I looked up at him, smiled, and said “Hi Dad.” He embraced me with open arms and called me son LOL

Im a triplet thats 6’4, my two brothers are 6’8 and 6’5 also My dads 6’6. I am made fun of for being short in my family. We are all pretty introverted and tend to stick together alot. When we go out we get a lot of concerned and nervous looks.

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Impressed. I’m 6’10″ if I don’t slouch. I’ve met exactly one person taller than me as an adult. I was in my early 20s, I walked right up to him, shook his hand, and said”I think you’re my new hero, where do you buy pants?”

I saw a guy at Home Depot over Christmas…
I said “sorry to ask…”
He smiled and just said 7’1” before I could finish.
I told how I always get asked and how this kind of encounter really hit home as far as just being in awe at the height.

6’9″, and it’s weird, and kinda cool. I frequently want to shake their hand and comment on our shared experience.

I am 6’1 and my older brother is 6’4’ . He married a 6’ tall woman Her family is very tall but proportional ( not scrawny sticks ) dad-6’5, Mom and sister6’ Brothers 6’7&6’10 I am typically one of the taller people in most rooms but Christmas at their house I look all the women in the eye and up to everyone else is a strange feeling. Also their house has tall ceilings and doors so everything is made for giants 6’1”is 185 CM 6’9” is 205 CM Sorry Canada is also metric but I am a woodworker and all lumber is still imperial so I just convert back and forth …all day Oh and a picker operator so KG to lbs all day. Nobody uses kg unless they are an engineer or a crane