Twitter user @t_oguns recently asked people which of their parents is more dramatic, sparking a collective recount of the lengths some go to make a point to their kids or teach them a lesson. Check out some of the funniest and most ridiculous stories below.

My mum said “I can see you want to kill me but I will Never-Ever die… in Jesus name” cos I forgot to wash one plate. Also, we’re Muslim.

Lmao. When my mum and dad are ignoring each other. Until they reconcile Mums sings “I have a God that never fails me”.
Then she adds my husband may fail me but……

Mom asked me to wash dishes and I didn’t… a family meeting is scheduled next week to explain why I almost killed her

I forgot to wash my Dad’s car one time.. Next thing, my church state Overseer called asking “Why i wanted to kill my father with Rebellion?”

My dad picks up a piece of paper on the floor, and tells everyone he does all the house chores.. 100000% dad

Took mum out to a show, we came late so we sat at the back.
She left me and went to scout for seat in the front.
She got one and sat.
I was at the back the whole show.

When i oversleep my mom tells me when she dies i have to tell people i was the reason for it.

My mom 100%. She will report you to my dad to beat you and after 2 strokes she will start shouting “Please don’t kill my child for me, I carried her for 9 months.”
Till now we call her “Charge and Discharge”

Deffo my mother. Whenever I travel.. even if it’s just Wales. She call me when I’m at the airport, calls when I seat on the plane
And then tells me how she didn’t sleep cos I didn’t call her back….

My mother in law is a drama king! She will cry and laugh and sing and roll on the floor at the same time if she doesn’t agree with your idea… and she will do all these with her tiny sweet voice…

My mum stays in my room when they are not talking
My dad decides to pray at night close to my door saying “Dear Lord whatever devil that doesn’t want my wife to enjoy my good intentions, I cast the person into the lake of fire”
My mother says “don’t cast yourself into fire”

I sighed once when asked to do something and my mum gave me her life story on how she carried me in her womb for 9 months etc & I replied with I didn’t ask to be born. I wasn’t allowed to call her mum anymore I had to call her by her first name. And I had to go look for my “mum”

Tired telling my mom she slices the cabbages way too big. Next thing she’s telling me I need to repent lest a curse befall me for allowing the devil to control my speech.

Mum. I constantly wear all black clothes so she asked me why I kept wearing black. I joked about how I was wearing black for her funeral. She started talking about how she knew I wanted her dead & how I was planning her funeral. It’s been three years and she still brings it up

Both! But my mum is special.
She enters my room just to disturb me
Mum: Why is your room dark? Are you a child of darkness?


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