Saw a dude stopped at a green light. Waited for it to turn red. And he just went on his way.

I needed to use the toilet, so I went to the bathroom and pulled my pants+underwear down. I zoned out and next thing I knew I was having a shower.

Come home from work while eating a cookie. I throw the cookie wrapper in the drawer where I usually put my keys, and throw my keys in the trash.

I bus to work, one day I got ready for work, made coffee and walked to the bus.
When I got on the bus I realized I got on the wrong one (same line but wrong number).
I got off the bus to wait for the right one, walked across the street, got on the bus going back towards my place, walked up to my apartment, took off my pants and climbed back into bed and fell asleep
I only usually ride the bus to and from work and its one bus, so I guess my brain just thought “2nd bus going back home”.

I was in the car, going home from a very early medical test. I reached over to change the annoying Christmas music, only to realize the radio wasn’t on. I was humming.

I was reading in bed and realized none of what I was reading was making any sense. I realized that my eyes were closed and my brain was just making stuff up on its own while my body was trying to sleep still holding book up and all.

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long long time ago. .. mid 90s
Was dating a guy who lived over an hour away. Left really late at night to drive home. Super tired. About halfway thru the drive I saw a hand come out from the back seat and try to grab my hair. I screamed and hit the brakes (luckily there was no other traffic on the road). Turns out it was my own hand. I think I was trying to move my hair out of the back of my coat.

When the wife was on birth control, she had asked me one time to get her pill for her, so I went and got it. As I was bringing it to her I popped it in my mouth and chugged some water. I didn’t realize this until I got to her and gave her the glass of water when she said, “Uh, where’s the pill?”