1. Kids can’t help but to keep it all the way one-hundred with you.
Words still resounding in my head since breakfast, “Look! It’s a picture of Mama before she got saggy..”

2. They let you know when you need to change.
“Mom, you know that show, What Not to Wear? Well, I think they would probably take that shirt away from you.” – Wesley

3. And when you need to tan.
“Ms.Jenny, I think your legs are whiter than yesterday.”

4. They’re totally open about their feelings for you:
Me: who’s your favorite person? Kid: you!
Me: aww, thanks. Kid: subject to change though!

5. And they don’t let you get away with damn near anything:
Me “ugh I ate a lot today…”
Payton “it’s not just today mom.”

6. TBH, they’re the reigning kings and queens of the backdoor compliment
Student: Ms.Edwards, you look small today.
Me: Thank you?

7. They know the details make the difference.
This 4 year old boy just told me “Your the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen…. Well.. just today..”

8. They’re like little mirrors, really
“Are you wearing makeup” “no I’m not” “you should be”. I love my job as a camp counsellor

9. And if they sound harsh, it’s only because they care
Berlyn: “daddy, ur hair is growing in the wrong direction! It’s going back in ur head instead of out!” .ouch!

10. They let you know when you’re the butt of the joke.
“Dad, we’re not laughing with you we’re laughing at you!” -Lydia.

11. And when you might have let yourself go a little
Daughter: “You need to fix my hair before we go.” Son: “You don’t have to look nice. Look at mom. See?”

12. They’ll never let your head get too big.
Me: “Did you like mommy’s solo?”
Her: “No, I don’t like your singing. I’m still your best friend though.”

13. They acknowledge that the apple might not fall far from the tree.
“Mommy does my butt wiggle when I walk like your does?”

14. At the end of the day, they push you to be better.
Direct quote from the 4 yr old… “your face looks cuter than mine, but your breath stinks.” Alrighty then….

15. And they’re not afraid to say what you already know deep down to be true
Guys, I am one hot mama.
10 year old: You’re one hot MESS.