Eddie Wetmore

Buddy of mine had thought he hung up…then he started singing the “Truffle Shuffle” from “The Goonies” to his 3 year old daughter.

From the thumping, it’s pretty obvious he was doing the dance as well-his wife comes in in the middle and starts to laugh with him.

I was quick enough to record almost all of it on my wife’s cell-I have it as his ring tone.

We laughed ourselves absolutely SICK-you can hear his daughter laughing and cooing the entire time!

It is without a doubt one of the most precious things that I own!


Yes it happened to me and changed my life.

I got a call from my junior house physician asking which bottle of intravenous drip was to be given to XYZ during the night.

I gave her proper instructions and wished her a good night, only to realize after about 15 seconds, she had forgotten to disconnect.

I heard her say to her , “ God, he is so brilliant and such a lovely person, such a baby faced cutie pie…and then the usual medical chitter chatter”.

Well, next day I simply told her “ I heard what you said and I like you too, I would love to have you as my life partner”.

We have two lovely kids and are totally and madly in love with each other…

(The blush on her face is forever imprinted on my mind)

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Sandhya Raj

My 85-year-old grandfather is still learning to use his Android phone at a slow pace. Every day before lunch, I get a call from him enquiring if I had my food on time.

Grandpa : “Did you eat? If not, shall I bring you some dish?”

Me : “No, thatha(Grandpa in Tamil). I had my lunch an hour back.”

Sometimes, I wouldn’t pick up his call because I know the obvious question. I did not even have the courtesy to return the call because of my mood swings.

One afternoon, he forgot to click on the End call option and so did I. After what must be around 20 seconds, I realized it and checked if he was still on line.

Grandpa (to Grandma) : “Sandhya picked my call! I must have dialled it in the right procedure today. Anyway, she had her lunch. I am yet to check on Savi (my mother) and Krish.” (my brother).

Grandma : “You can check after having your lunch. Shall I serve you your food at least now?”

Grandpa : “No no! Let me check on them first. What if either of them forgot to eat.”

Hearing this made me pause for a moment and realize that in this fast paced world where we are all running towards eternity, not many people put you before themselves.

Moreover, he thinks he hasn’t dialled the right number when I don’t pick the calls.

From then on, I never miss his lunch call. Even on my bad days, it is a tiny, but happy reminder that someone remembers me in spite of their own bustling life.

Margie Hart

This was something that really warmed my heart and taught me how important keeping in contact with my family really is.

A few months ago I decided to call my uncle. He is my deceased mother’s brother and he is in his nineties. We talked for about 20 minutes and then I spoke to his wife for a bit. He got back on the phone and we finished up our conversation. He told me he was really happy I had called and hoped I would again. We said our I love you’s and goodbyes.

I’m not even sure why I held the phone next to my ear instead of hanging it up straight away, but for some reason, I did. I was so very glad that I did because before he hung up the phone I heard him say to his wife, “Can you believe that?! That was Margie! I’m just so happy to hear her voice. I can’t believe she actually called ME! She was always just the most kind little girl and I love her to pieces! I sure do hope she calls back again! I know her mama would be so proud of her!” CLICK

It really wasn’t a lot, but I lost my dad when I was 17 and my mom when I was 27. Hearing his genuine thoughts/feelings about me and that my mama would be proud of me, just made my day. Knowing how happy my call made him I have decided I am definitely going to call him more often.

We all need to take more time to stay connected with our family.

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