1. This sweet woofer who isn’t allowed on the couch, so this is his form of daily rebellion.

Office dog isn’t allowed on the couch, so this is her daily act of rebellion

2. This old boye going to work for the very first time!

Today’s my first day working for a company that allow dogs in the office. Here’s my 13 year old lab ready for his first day.

3. This puppy-eyed snoof who just wants to make sure you’re meeting your deadline.

We have an office dog and he visited me today.

4. This lover boye who just wants to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Every office should have a dog!

5. This angel who doesn’t really care how your daughter’s ballet recital went. She just wants your food

Our office dog pretends to love me so I give her treats

6. This ol’ labby girl who heard you got laid off so she’s sharing her toys

Last day at work. I think the office dog wants me to stay, he brought me all of his toys.

7. This graying gentleman who has a thing for good posture and desk knick-knacks

We have an office dog today. You can stack stuff on her. She’s a good girl.

8. This lil’ pupper who’s had a long day of belly rubs and naps

Our office dog had a very rough day of eating and sleeping today.

9. This smol floofette who has her own key access card!

Our office dog has an access card too…

10. This CFO (Chief Floof Officer) needs to see you in her office when you have a minute

We have an office dog too. She just got a promotion.

11. This eager boye who loves a good customer service!

I came to pick up my dog from doggie daycare. No one was in the front office to greet me except this gentleman.

12. These work pals looooooooungin’ on their break

Office dog(s) allowed on couch, this is their way of maintaining office dominance

13. This young, spry intern who won’t stop chewing on your shoe laces

This is Buddy. Our new office dog

14. This boye who does a frustrate and types, “as per my last email…”

Our office dog comes to my desk and makes this face at me every day… maybe I smell bad?

15. …and the gold floof who definitely received the “as per my last email” email

Our Office Dogs, Side Eye and Derp

16. This guide boye who says, “Henlo, my coworker!”

A guide dog in our office says “hi”

17. And lastly, these golden gurlz doin’ an office gossip who stop boofin’ as soon as you walk by

These two dogs belong to the owners of our local post office and have the important job of greeting you when you walk in!