Here are some of the strangest and funniest images from sites like iStock or Shutterstock that no one will ever use, and they will definitely make you say WTF.

1. Grandma teaches blond children important life lessons

mrbenmarko / Getty Images

2. Guy reaches through computer screen and types backwards while a surprised cat looks off into the distance.

SiomarTehBeefalo / Shutterstock

3. Cat with a bouquet at the feet of mistress

kiwidesign / Shutterstock

4. A centaur has met the wrong half. He was very puzzled.

HugeHam / Shutterstock

5. Woman throwing spaghetti in a forest

neuroticneutral / Getty Images

6. Excuse me miss, but that’s my D you’re sitting on

SonOfTheBlueMeanie / Creativemarket

7. Proposal

Quaff_Bepis / Getty Images

8. Umm, yeah, I think we found the murderer.

BunnyAdorbs / RichLegg, iStock

9. Hey lady, your computer isn’t even switched on

dhrxv / Alamy

10. This boy installing the newest piece of software

TeoTheBeast / Getty Images

11. Cat Snake Cooking a Magical Potion

ShutterCount / Shutterstock

12. No potatoes while I’m working please

sweatytumorz / Depositphotos

13. Male human holds his blobfish


14. Need to get home before the storm, but I’m hitting all the cat lights.

treastroll / iStock

15. I searched for “a large bird” on google and was not disappointed

Hackerwithalacker / RyanJLane, iStock

16. This “beautiful woman soldering” photo is awful, should I call the ambulance already?

Boredpanda / Shutterstock

17. Hitler with potatoes and a picnic blanket looking dress.

SaraBellum42 / Getty Images

18. Lol stop struggling and let me stab u


19. “Hacker” Stockphotos are the best

Aelaan_Bluewood / Shutterstock

20. Drinking and driving taken to a whole new level

Gaberiallo / Shutterstock