1. The original storyline lacked the depth and character development found in the movie adaptations. ExoWaltz

2. anime are for kids european_male

3. People who buy Apple products are just suckers who are being ripped off Guinness2702

4. Beyoncé is overrated and parades around like she’s the first woman to ever give birth Jaberator8

5. Orange Is The New Black is just softcore lesbian prison porn completedesaster

6. creep is the Radiohead best song iwilldie20jan2018

7. I love steak well-done. SchizoidGod
With ketchup FindingAlaska

8. Do I need to scrub my cast iron pan before I put it in dishwasher? lIlIIIlll

9. I’m happy Firefly was cancelled chornu

10. Vinyl is a waste of money. Digital is easier and better. Shraker

11. Star Wars Christmas Special was the best star wars draphael111

12. Beyoncé has no talent other than shaking her a*s reddit

Image Credit: YourTango

13. Pokemon go is a fu*king waste of time zepressed

14. Comic books are picture books for retards. reddit

15. I dont see whats so great about the original 151 pokemon, The new ones are so much cooler. Infernoo1717

16. Breaking Bad is boring and overrated. ozsum

17. Wonder Woman was not only objectively bad, but is also only successful because of identity politics. DepressToImpress

18. Trump is a great president RiggedErection

19. God isn’t real. Mononon

20. The human eye can only see 30fps. Boonsoohung

21. So who’s the current Doctor Who? The-Real-Zappa

22. You do know that this pro wrestling stuff is fake, don’t you? Neutrum

23. Minecraft in 4K – Best of E3, bar none. StoneyStone24

24. Zelda is a stupid name for a boy
JarJar is my favorite Star Trek character