The first time my husband said he loved me, he was asleep.
When he woke up I asked what he was dreaming about. He said he was driving a tractor through his old high school.

I unplugged my alarm clock. That required me crawling under my bed and reaching up to the plug behind the headboard.

A couple weeks ago, I shook my roommate awake saying that I needed to find the “man with the numbers”. He said it really freaked him out then I just went back to my bed and fell face first into it.

Me and my brothers (3) used to share a bedroom. One night I woke up to see two of my brothers also sitting up listening to my third brother rapping in his sleep. It was in Spanish, and none of it really made much sense, but it rhymed.

Apparently a few months ago I rolled over in bed and asked my boyfriend (apparently in my totally conscious, normal voice):
“What on earth are you doing with that Llama!?”
Then went straight back to peacefully sleeping.

Used to collect random things around my room and put them in bed with me. The weirdest one for me was when I woke up with my head at the foot of the bed snuggling my lamp though

I used to sleepwalk as a kid. I’ve eaten cat food and woken up with the worst taste in my mouth. Also according to my mom, I’ve gotten up and come out of my room, looked right at her and asked where my mom is.
Apparently I still sleep talk a lot but I never have any recollections of what I was dreaming. I’ve also karate chopped my husband in the throat while half asleep because he was snoring.

My girlfriend will occasionally sleep text me due to some medication. The weirdest thing I remember is her saying she needs more potatoes to buy a shark. The sharks for sale could also predict the future. I never found out how many she needed. Also no red, they only accept russet.

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My boyfriend sleep talks occasionally right before he falls into a deep sleep. He once cuddled up to me and whispered that I was “a normal constituent of the United States.”
After chuckling for a bit I asked him if he was falling asleep, to which he replied “no, I’m just living.”

My husband sleep talks. He has said many things that are pretty funny, but my favorite was last week. He was laying on his stomach and kind of looked towards me and said “you can touch my butt, you know.”
He’s also a big gamer so there are times he’ll talk about something in a game and I’ll kind of respond and start laughing, he gets really mad about me laughing, because whatever he’s dreaming about is super serious lol.