Alex C. Lee

This is a very difficult question. Let’s be honest, even I won’t date someone like me. My condolences for my significant other.

• I don’t have pimples or acnes on my face at all. I have probably the smoothest skin you’ve ever seen.
Believe or not, this is the reason my current significant other falls for me.

• I’m independent, so I won’t be clingy if you are busy or if you want some time alone.
But sometimes I’m too independent and you hardly feel you’re actually dating.

• I have mental illness, so I’ll be very understanding if you find yourself depressed, and I will never belittle your issues by bringing up “hungry African kids.”

• I don’t have friends, so you will be the only thing I have besides eating, sleeping and working.

• I am active on social media so I’ll upvote any crappy answers you write on Quora, like any stupid posts you update on Facebook, and write good things about you on my social media (as long as my parents aren’t there).

• I will trust you a lot. I’m never insecure in a relationship. If you’re into me, I suppose you’re not attracted by my good looks or nice personality (as I have neither), but something peculiar about me.

• I am a horror movie buff, so I’ll make you watch a lot of horror movies with me.

• I know how to have fun. I’d like to hang out with you whenever I have time and you’re willing to.

• I can make you laugh with my bad jokes.

• I’m a very talented kisser.
The first time I kissed someone, that person thought I had kissed at least hundred people already.

Yep, finally ten! You have no idea how many brain cells I’ve killed in order to come up with so many reasons.

Habib Fanny

• I’m a decent person.

• I’m eye candy, I’ve been told.

• I’m a good bet for someone who wants a long-term, stable relationship: pretty decent income potential and pretty good with managing my finances.

• I’m a huge goofball and my superpower is happiness.

• I love intellectual conversation and I have a decent breadth of knowledge on a variety of topics.

Image Credit: Habib Fanny

Image Credit: Habib Fanny

• I love cooking. I’m pretty much an artist in the kitchen. No recipe. Give me the ingredients and I’ll make you something delicious.

• I believe in working to live rather than living to work. Whoever I end up marrying or dating long-term is going to go on a lot of romantic getaways.

• I’m a pretty decent lover who gets off on getting you off. That’s literally the most exciting thing for me.

Horus dammit, I need to come up with 2 more of these?

• If you like dressing up, I’m your guy. I love putting together outfits and buying clothes for the person I’m with. In med school, I surprised my girlfriend several times by bringing her outfits.

• I’m super cuddly and I love giving massages. I didn’t start out that way. My home culture is not a very cuddly one. But my first adult girlfriend really liked cuddling and I became the cuddler she needed me to become.

All right, that’s all I’ve got.

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