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Me: You’re Death?
Death: Indeed

Me: why are you dressed like that?
Death: … what?

Me: You’ve got a hood on and no one ever sees your face, but you’re holding a scythe with a bony arm, so clearly you’re a skeleton underneath…

Me: Also, if you’re a skeleton, why do you need to wear a cloak? Are you embarrassed about something? is it cold in the afterlife? Is it some morbid fashion statement?
Death: Look-

Me: And what’s with the scythe? If you’re Death, why do you need a weapon? It’s not like anyone’s trying to fight you or anything.
Death: I am the Reaper of Souls !!!

Me: Yeah, but do you actually ever use it? Don’t you just touch people and they follow you? Plus isn’t a scythe a farmer’s tool? Doesn’t that make you a Farmer of Souls?
Death: *angrily* It’s symbolic!!!

Me: Seems like a lot of heavy lifting just to make a point.
Death:* sigh * I know… I don’t even know why I do this. Most people are so scared to die, they just ignore how ridiculous I look.

Me: It’s okay man… I’m not judging. But hey, why are you here anyway? Is it my time?
Death: Oh,right, no- but is your grandma home?

Me: Hold on… GRANDMA!!! Get over here, it’s Death.
Grandma: Who eats dirt?
Me: Not dirt, Grandma, Death…

Grandma: You’re Death?
Death: Indeed

Grandma: Why are you dressed like that?

The End.

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Jake Williams

Death: It’s nice to meet you again.
Me: Again? I don’t remember any previous encounter.

Death: You’ve known me for a long time. You’ve spoken my name, you’ve cursed me, you’ve fought me, and you’ve watched as I did my job.
Me: You have taken a lot away from me. You have threatened me a lot.

Death: Exactly. You know me, right down to your core. There have been times when you’ve hated me, but mostly you fear me.
Me: I’ve never feared you. I have simply sought to understand you.

Death: If you never feared me, why did you spend so much time avoiding me?
Me: I appreciated what I had in life. I knew you to be a curtain, one I couldn’t peer beyond and one I couldn’t return from. I knew I would have to cross the curtain some day, but I wanted to enjoy what I had before I did.

Death: And you’re telling me that no matter how close to that curtain you got, you didn’t fear it?
Me: Very well. You’re not wrong. I have feared you. I cannot reason why I have felt fear towards that which I knew would happen either way, I guess I mostly feared that which I didn’t understand.

Death: And now that I am stood before you, do you still fear me?
Me: My apprehension has never been stronger. I feel like I should understand you better now, but upon seeing you face to face you make less sense than ever.

Death: And why is that?
Me: Because I recognise you. I’ve seen you before, as if in a dream. Not your work, not the concept of you, but you yourself. How? I have never died before.

Death: I was with you for an eternity. One that is impossible to remember. You never thought of it as death, you simply knew it as it was. It didn’t feel like anything special, and it seemed no time at all.
Me: It was the time before I was born, wasn’t it?

Death: If that’s the way you choose to consider it. Life exists, it’s a thing to experience and explore. But it’s temporary, and delicate. I must always come back for you.
Me: So what now? Now that you’ve finally claimed me, where do we go?

Death: Now you may walk with me. Some things are a curtain even for me. I cannot tell you where you may end up.
Me: I may? Do I have another option?

Death: You can try to fight me. Like you have before. You may win more time. But I will still have to return for you, eventually.
Me: One day I will let you lead the way. One day I will come with you. But I’m sorry, right now I’m not finished.

Death: Very well. Let’s see if you can win this time. But you have one disadvantage, one you will never shake so long as you choose to be naive.
Me: What is that?

Death: Jake, no matter what, you still fear me.

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