1. Aargh, I’m Shot, You Go, Save Yourself By Yusuke Okada

Yusuke Okada

2. Someone Say ‘Chocolate’? By Shane Keena

Shane Keena

3. A Wild Red Squirrel In A Split Between Lupines In Bispgarden, Sweden By Geert Weggen

Geert Weggen

4. Just Follow My Lead: Spin Left, Step Right, Pas De Bourree Aaaaand Jazz Hands. Easy By Laszlo Potozky

Laszlo Potozky

5. Never, Ever, Ever, Leave Your Camera Unattended (And When An Arctic Fox Is Lurking)… As Specified In Your Insurance Claims Form, Hudson Bay, Canada By Michou Von Beschwitz

Michou Von Beschwitz

6. When You Really Want To Tell Someone You Love Them, Batam, Indonesia By Muhammad Faishol Husni

Muhammad Faishol Husni

7. A Mother Ground Squirrel Calls Directly At Her Young Pup In Alberta, Canada By Nick Parayko

Nick Parayko

8. If One More Person Asks If I’m Having A Bad Hare Day… West Virginia By Daniel L. Friend

Daniel L. Friend

9. Just Tell Us Where You Hid The Fish… Otherwise You’ll Be Sleeping With Them, South Georgia By Amy Kennedy

Amy Kennedy

10. I’m So Sorry. It Just Popped Out… Madagascar By Jakob Strecker

Jakob Strecker

11. Too Tired To Get Up, But Welcoming All The Same… Churchill, Canada By Simon Gee

Simon Gee

12. The Funny Pose Assumed By The Two Bears During Their Struggle, As If They Were Practicing A Vienna Waltz, Churchill, Canada By Luca Venturi

Luca Venturi

13. Dressed As A Bird, This Squirrel Could Finally Blend In To The Pigeon Community Unnoticed… Arundel, England By Maria Kula

Maria Kula

14. The Hills Very Much Alive With The Sound Of Moosic By Mary Hone

Mary Hone

15. Life Of A Teenage Polar Bear! By Denise Dupras

Denise Dupras

16. A Dugong Seemingly In Fits While Being Tickled By Michele Hall

Michele Hall

17. A Blue Shark Smiles For The Camera, Rhode Island By Tanya Houppermans

Tanya Houppermans

18. Now That’s Funny! By Amy Kennedy

Amy Kennedy

19. Just Leave It! I’ll Do It! You Just Go And Make Yourself Useful Somewhere Else! By Dmitry Utkim

Dmitry Utkim

20. A Female Moose Sticking Her Tongue Out, Wyoming By Barney Koszalka

Barney Koszalka

More info: The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards / Facebook | h/t boredpanda