1. He met Iron Man… out of costume

Heather Denno

2. She met Barack Obama

Reasons My Son Is Crying

3. I told her Darth Vader was the bad guy

Lilly M

4. She found out that I have a name other than “Mum”

Vanessa N.

5. He met Bill Murray

Reasons My Son Cry

6. He doesn’t want to go (even though we’ve repeatedly told him we’re not going anywhere)

Kristen O

7. Someone ate all the muffins (it was him)

Christine P

8. Microwave ate his lunch

Jelena D

9. Miley was on TV

Will H

10. I wouldn’t let him eat the rest of the football

Sarah C

11. His dinner isn’t ready

Michelle C

12. I told her she can’t marry daddy (…or her brother)

Leanne G

13. I said “good morning”

Mimi Z

14. He couldn’t fit all the crayons in one hand

Judy P

15. The dog was in the way while he was trying to push the chair

Tiffany C

16. Her brother joined her for breakfast

Bryony K

17. I wouldn’t let him finish eating dirt

Krystle B

18. I wouldn’t let her wipe my butt

Samantha B

19. I told him he could not take his unwrapped tampon out to run errands

Jenn G

20. The muffins didn’t come out of the oven cold

Jennifer P

More info: Reasons My Son Is Crying (h/t boredpanda)