1. Music festival in 90 degree weather wouldn’t allow venders to sell beverages…


2. Boys wear skirts on a hot day to school in protest at being told they were not allowed to wear shorts

3. My friend goes to a school that doesn’t allow the opposite sex in their respective dorms, so this is movie night…


4. Women are not allowed to attend soccer matches in Iran. 5 girls sneak in Azadi Stadium in Disguise to celebrate persepolis championship in Iran’s persian gulf pro league


5. You are to assume the role of a Chinese immigrant in 1870…


6. Please cover yourself


7. Dogs Are Not Allowed On NYC Subway Unless They’re In A Carrier…So This Happened


8. A mayor in Brazil prohibited bar owners from setting tables on the sidewalk. Here’s their solution


9. My school requires a full suit and tie dress code. However a coat is allowed in the winter…


10. Camp requires kids to write a letter home after the first week


11. Food isn’t allowed in the living room. His tablet isn’t allowed in the kitchen. He beat the system. I quit


12. A class of students were required to pick a Marvel character to embody within a resume and cover letter. This is what one student handed in.


13. Im healing from a septoplasty surgery, and im not allowed to wear glasses as they put too much pressure on my nose, so i rigged up a system.


14. Only allowed a single page formula sheet? Challenge accepted.


15. I told my boyfriend the new puppy wasn’t allowed in the bed.


16. Not allowed to paint my walls, so I had to get creative


17. This sex ed teacher couldn’t demonstrate proper condom use, so he talked about socks instead

Sanford Johnson, Youtube

18. Friend posted this (full in comments): “I’ll never forget the time that my mom installed this lock in one of her bathroom drawers when I was a kid…”


19. I work in an office where professional attire is required. Little do they know…


20. New job required a photo of myself in a suit for their website. I don’t own a suit.


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