1. First and foremost, baristas already make bank.


2. So it’s not like they NEED tips to supplement their income
I spent 44 hours at work last week. I am a barista who makes less than $11/hr. What have I done to myself?

3. They have literally the easiest job on the planet


4. They just pour coffee for people. That’s it.

This is what happens when I’m in a rush by myself lol

TFW you’re at work but the Mop Bucket is always watching

5. Not to mention, being a barista is a zero-stress job.


That awkward moment when you just want to jump behind the bar and help.

6. Their hours are great.

Is it bad that I’m already looking forward to taking a nap tomorrow?

7. They never have to work nights or weekends

Just your local barista looking dead xox we luv night shift

8. They get a ton of great perks
Perks of being a barista
1. The occasional person who isn’t rude to you
2. Tips

9. FOR FREE. Can you believe?
Getting asked out by creepy old men…perks of being a barista.

10. Their customers are always kind…
Behind a lady at Starbucks, when she realized they were out of the sandwich she wanted she threw her drink at the barista & stormed out

11. …and so appreciative…
At Starbucks. Some lady is freaking out yelling “You are the slowest barista on this planet!!!!”

12. …and not-at-all weird or complicated

So this is happening…

13. They do the bare minimum and not a bit more


14. They don’t really care about their customers at all.
Moment of the week: my barista came out from behind the counter today and hugged me for being a “little ball ball of sunshine”

15. So keep that extra dollar in your wallet — your barista doesn’t need it.
Gave my barista a $40 tip bc i just felt lead to do so & he started tearin up & said that he had prayed for exactly $40 to pay his rent with

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