1. This risk-tolerant crew

s0n1x, pr0gramm.com

2. This bold electrician

flaba, pr0gramm.com

3. This guy with nerves of straight up steel

LinkesGedankengut, pr0gramm.com

4. Anyone walking by this whole situation

punker0007, pr0gramm.com

5. This committed dirt digger

Rind, pr0gramm.com

6. And also this daring digger


7. Whoever was driving

Seoker, pr0gramm.com

8. This lucky-a*s ladder user

Flouchn, pr0gramm.com

9. Whoever was doing laundry

EatMyOwnD*ck, pr0gramm.com

10. And whoever gets to deal with this

Maxi5047, pr0gramm.com

11. These two brave souls

analterrier, pr0gramm.com

12. Anyone willing to shower here

traumhaeftling, pr0gramm.com

13. This airplane mechanic


14. The genius behind this life hack

NU73114M4N, pr0gramm.com

15. Anyone who wasn’t inside the barn when this happened

kekskopf, pr0gramm.com

16. Whoever left this drill here

Spritzeblubb, pr0gramm.com

17. This person who clearly gives zero fucks about heights

d0p3X, pr0gramm.com

18. And this train operator

bunnY, pr0gramm.com

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