1. This tape should do the trick!

DenzelMoshington, pr0gramm.com

2. Dude, the cable was on sale!

Kochsalz, pr0gramm.com

3. Oh sh*t, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow?

Gurkenkoenig, pr0gramm.com

4. Well, this is certainly a dilemma.

Gaki, pr0gramm.com

5. It’ll be fine!

pr0krastinator, pr0gramm.com

6. This isn’t supposed to be happening, is it?

huraindd, pr0gramm.com

7. Guys, I got this. I promise.


8. There’s an adaptor around here somewhere…

Alexander1912, pr0gramm.com

9. Life hack, amirite?

asdfqwertz, pr0gramm.com

10. It appears that I’ve…miscalculated.

Tekk, pr0gramm.com

11. Now HERE’S an idea…

lorak44, pr0gramm.com

12. It’s so crazy it just might work!


13. Just finished installing the dish hbu?

Fachpersonal, pr0gramm.com

14. Of course I know how a swingset is supposed to work!

analOg, pr0gramm.com

H/T BuzzFeed