1. On calling your mom
Just got off Facetime with my Mom to ask how to sort my clothes for laundry. I have completely nooo idea how to do it hahaha!

2. On mentors
I need a successful adult to show me how to adult. An adultier adult.

3. On buying home appliances
Yesterday we got a vacuum and we felt so adult, but then we got home and realized it’s a steam cleaner, not a vacuum.

4. On being an alert homeowner
Couldn’t figure out why it was so hot in my apartment. Then I realized I left the oven on…

5. On quick clean solutions
I just hand washed and blow dried a panty bc I haven’t been doing laundry for weeks

6. On being frugal:
People my age are buying houses and cars and I’m over here like, “Whoa, $3 shipping!? Too rich for my blood!”

7. On tough decisions
couldn’t decide between Mexican and Italian for dinner, so I had spaghetti with chips and guac

8. On balanced dinners
Just had Raisin Bran for dinner & Fruit Loops for dessert.

9. On fiscal responsibility
When you make sure to make lunch to save $ and then buy Starbucks.

10. On marriage
$0.16 in my bank account. I think you’ll now understand my plan to marry for money, not love.

11. On cooking
I tried to cook a roast in the crockpot overnight, but when I woke up at 6 this morning to go check it, it hadn’t cooked at all…. I thought maybe my crockpot wasn’t working, but then I realized I had accidentally plugged in the blender instead of the crockpot

12. On being resourceful
Definitely just poured milk straight into my cereal box. New level of lazy?

13. On religion
If the big man upstairs could send down a hint as to what I’m meant to be doing in life right now, that’d be great.

14. On eating vegetables
I make food full of veggies and then pick half of them out while I’m eating and feed them to the dog.

15. On knowing what you’ve got stocked in your fridge
Everything in my fridge contains either alcohol or mold.

16. On time management
Today, I ate a slice of pizza in the shower before work

17. On meal prep
I packed a can of pears, can of refried beans, and a spork for lunch today

18. On remembering the important things
Why can I remember every word to any @britneyspears song, but NEVER remember when my bills are due.

19. And finally, on getting advice
Me at 18: Don’t tell me how to love my life.
Me at 29: I am now open to suggestions.

H/T BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: BuzzFeed