1. Use your phone to skip the line
Pro tip:
1. Walk into Starbucks
2. See a super long line
3. Pull out phone and order in app
4. Skip line and get your coffee

2. Maximize straw efficiency
Pro tip: use a large Starbucks straw so your head doesn’t have to move as far. More efficiency = more time to grind.


3. How to make a s’mores latte
Pro tip:
2 pumps milk chocolate
3 pumps marshmallow
3 pumps vanilla
You’ll walk out with a s’mores latte

4. Pink Drink is a must try
YUGE fan of the newest @Starbucks hack, pink drink! It’s a strawberry açaí refresher with coconut milk.


5. How to keep your taste buds intact
You can order Starbucks drinks at “kids temperature“ and the drink will be much cooler–saving үou a burnt tongue.

6. How to get more drink for your buck
Starbucks pro tip: order your frap with light ice to get a more flavorful drink instead of just watery ice. You also get more of the drink!

7. How to have Christmas year-round
Pro tip: you can ask for hot chocolate with 2 pumps of peppermint from starbucks year round and it tastes like Christmas in a cup year round

8. Coconut milk is clutch
Pro @Starbucks tip: coconut milk. Doubles as a light creamer and light sweetener


9. Optimize your cups
Just got a pro tip at Starbucks.if you like it light,order a tall in a venti cup. More room for cream and cheaper.

10. Friendship goes a long way
Pro tip: befriend your local Starbucks barista so they don’t charge you for the extra abundance of caramel you like on your macchiato.

11. How to basically drink a brownie
Pro tip: a soy hazelnut hot chocolate from starbucks tastes just like a brownie

12. Use your top as a coaster
Starbucks lids are designed to be used as coasters


13. Margaritas on the go
Pro tip: if you put tequila in a cool lime refresher from Starbucks you get a margarita

14. Always use your rewards card at the airport
Pro tip: use Starbucks rewards at the airport because the drinks are so much more expensive there

15. How to get a venti for free
Life hack: ask for your grande Starbucks in a venti cup so you have room for milk – actually get a venti coffee cause you’re a genius

16. Wine hacks
I’ve shared this before but I will again since it’s a crucial Life Pro Tip: You can fit an entire bottle of wine in a @Starbucks Trenta Cup. BLKALLCAPS

Treinta kinda day. Did you know you can fit an entire bottle of wine in this cup?

17. Order is important
Pro tip: When ordering your drink from Starbucks, first state the size and if you want it hot or iced FIRST. Thx xoxoxo.

18. Trust the barista
Life hack: Next time you go to @Starbucks ask for whatever the barista gets and you’ll get something totally unique and awesome. Trust.

19. Irish butter is legit:
Pro-tip: Starbucks has Irish butter. It’s free, and it goes on everything in the glass case. I do mean EVERYTHING.

20. Coconut milk changes lives:
Something exciting is that the mango black tea lemonade is back at Starbucks. Pro-tip: make sure to ask for extra mango, the lady will know akarpz
Another pro tip: try it with a splash of coconut milk for a tropical twist! Starbucks

21. How to be fancy
Cool Mom pro tip: buy two @Starbucks cheese bistro boxes and then plate them, instant fancy cheese plate for less than two nice cheeses

22. Everything is better heated up
Pro tip: always always get your baked goods heated up for you by the kind Starbucks barista

23. Mocha for the cheap
Starbucks pro tip #1: get an iced coffee with mocha syrup in it…. it tastes just like an iced mocha but only cheaper

24. And always thank your barista
Starbucks pro-tips: crowding the counter doesn’t make your drink come faster
also thank your barista next time

Via buzzfeed