1. This selfless cat who never complains about doing the household chores.
Yes i do the cooking yes i do the cleaning


2. This adorable hotel greeter who will always go the extra mile to make you feel warm and welcome.

Everyone meet Soča. This little guy has a job at the hotel in Slovenia I stayed at a few days ago. He’s the hotel greeter and runs to meet new guests as they enter the hotel. He’s a very good boy and very good at his job!

3. This gorgeous opossum who is doing a bang up job of reminding you to brush your teeth.

To be blessed with dental hygiene

4. This stylish puppy who needs to win a style award immediately
I dont use the words absolute unit lightly but let me say………this is


5. This kind and caring doggo who is more than happy to take a newbie under his wing.

Ma dog has been assigned to play with a puppy at his doggy school and they’ve actual became best pals

6. This A+ lizard who knows the secret to keeping his girlfriend happy.

Male lizard holding up his gf so she can take a nap.

7. This tiny helper who is ready to complete any task, no matter how big or small.

Nobody helps me around this damn house

8. This photogenic girl who absolutely knows all her best angles.

She know she bad

9. This happy bachelor who clearly knows a thing or two about romance.
BREAKING NEWS: All these cows are kissing this dog.


10. This nurturing tortoise who was more than willing to help out a friend in need.
This baby hippo was separated from his family by a tsunami. So this 103 year old tortoise became his best friend..


11. This considerate Great Dane who is extremely mindful of others and their personal space.

I was riding BART today when a man and his extremely large Great Dane stepped aboard the train. It was a bit busy, so he told the dog to stand up and the dog flat out STOOD ON TWO LEGS AND RODE THE TRAIN THROUGH THE TRANSBAY TUBE.

12. This intellectual cow who knows exactly how to bend the rules in his favour.
He’s so smug i want 20


Via BuzzFeed