1. A sad, sad day in McDonald’s
McDonald’s called out order 369 and i yelled out “Damn she fine” and nobody laughed or danced, I hate where we’re at in America right now.

2. Starbucks horror
The code for the bathroom at this Starbucks is 90210 which the young barista passed on matter-of-factly as “nine zero two one zero” causing me to crumble into infinity dust

3. Relationship trouble in 7-11
Some guy in the 7-eleven said “it was only a kiss” into his phone and the other 3 of us in the store all yelled IT WAS ONLY A KISS anyway i think he is gonna be getting divorced soon

4. Downloading music like a BARBARIAN
I just had a horrible flashback to the pre-spotify days when i used to download all my music with youtube to mp3 converters & manually organize them into itunes albums with album art i found on google images

5. Blood, sweat, tears, and MySpace
I cannot stop thinking about MySpace and how most of you under 19 have never experienced its peak. You never spent 5+ hours finding a moving glitter wallpaper, a shitty owl city song for your profile, reposting bulletins so a clown won’t kill your mum and of course pic4pic? [:

6. The only way to ID
I got carded at the liquor store. While getting my ID out my Blockbuster card fell out. He laughed and said “Never mind.”

7. Distant memories of mints
If you remember these, you’re eligible for assisted living, life alert and the jitterbug flip phone


8. The peak of amateur photography


9. Reminders of your dumb past


10. The perfect mid-2000s music collection


11. Emo idioms


12. Life back in the day
Picture this: it’s 1985. Debbie just hit the wall. She never had it all. One Prozac a day. Husbands a CPA. Her dreams went out the door. When she turned 24. Only been with one man. What happened to her plan?

13. True accomplishments


14. Real pain
I’d rather take a razor scooter to the ankle than stand up and tell the class a little bit about myself

15. Some sage advice
In this world you either crank that soulja boy or it cranks you

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