1. Mountain goats don’t give a sh*t about your gravity

unknown, boredpanda

2. Ice mold staying in place after driving away

DialaWashUK / twitter

3. Pic of noodles at -60°C: concordia research station, Antarctica

ESA_events / flickr

4. The way my cup broke

cotton-swabs / reddit

5. Windy day in the northeast caused these icicles to form sideways.

MrWiggless- / reddit

6. My boyfriends cat likes to sleep against the wall

punchahyourbuns / reddit

7. Gecko chilling out on the water’s surface tension of my fishtank

DaveJahVoo / reddit

8. Who needs thumbs, when you’ve got things handled

iikagenniotonashikukirareyagare / imgur

9. Bro, do you even inertia?

unknown, boredpanda

10. Ice sheet holding onto trees after flood subsides

Magical-Latte / reddit

11. Snow is curling off this roof

Echobrocation / reddit

12. These magnets are stocked past the end

cpcity / reddit

13. How do I turn the anti-gravity setting off on my dog?

Ajubbajub / reddit

14. The tilt of the cruise ship makes it look like the water isn’t obeying the law of gravity.

DustyMudflap / reddit

15. Saw these stacked stone arches at the beach this morning

ianhouser / reddit

16. Hmmmm, can’t tell if broken or upgraded

MeaMaximaCunt / reddit

17. Found an icicle held only by a spider’s web

Momizer / reddit

18. A Japanese ¥1 coin is so light it won’t even break surface tension on water.

chriskokura / reddit

19. I don’t want to do it again

thumb_tani / twitter

20. How’s this for a Pringle Ringle Border Collie Border?

delthehippy / twitter

Via BoredPanda, Preview photo credit: chriskokura / reddit, Ajubbajub / reddit