1. Awesome pic!

This husband, who took a silly picture to make his wife laugh
kmjphotography / instagram

2. The search for the perfect pickle continues…

This husband, who aided his wife in her search for the perfect pickle
eight20four0824 / instagram

3. This husband, who broke out the tool belt for his wife’s ice craving

The1Devin88 / twitter

4. He’s apparently freezing… I don’t understand the problem?

jamie.v.23 / instagram

5. This husband, who knows how to apologize to a pregnant woman

ms_mojoe / twitter

6. This husband, who braved a freakin’ blizzard to get his wife’s Krispy Kremes

sweetsjdh / twitter

7. I really do have the best husband…

blaurenh / instagram

8. This husband, who gave his wife a pedicure when she couldn’t reach her toes anymore

monicaleighrc / instagram

9. This husband, who may even be more emotional than his pregnant wife

kbolt / twitter

10. This husband, who saved his wife from her overactive pregnancy bladder

Pro-tip: don’t make your pregnant wife LOL or she will PIP. And then you end up at the store buying pantiliners.
thedadview / instagram

11. This husband, who saved his wife from herself

mrs.arzano / instagram

12. I’m her pillow prop.

kritta1989 / instagram

13. Found the best foot rest to put my feet up!

alycericho / instagram

14. This husband, who knows exactly what “the goods” are

missprincessdianna / instagram

15. When you wake to texts like this and you know you’ve won the husband lottery!

kelliechristine / instagram

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: sweetsjdh / Twitter