1. Online shopping in a nutshell

FlySupaFly / reddit

2. Avocados last about 13 seconds

chillandchill / imgur

3. Everyone thinks they are smart until they have to figure out how to turn someone else’s shower on

gmercer9 / twitter

4. This is how you cook pasta

sarcastic-sanity / tumblr

5. Taking two trips is for quitters

HoJoLego / twitter

6. This always fixes the remote

grantdenyer / twitter

7. Spatulas are your worst enemy

xoShaaan / twitter

8. It never hurts to check


9. This is how you a real adult spells

oswinoswut / tumblr

10. Ya gotta say it

mattslusser / twitter

11. There is no harder decision to make


12. Ya gotta click it


13. Microwaves will betray you


14. The picture always says like two words instead of a thousand

gauderio13 / reddit

15. You’ll always pick the wrong line


16. This is how coffee works


17. There’s a big difference in temperature between seasons


18. You’ll never pull the right one


19. Except for this

cgleome / tumblrme.me

20. Sometimes ya just need one more sandwich


21. There is no louder sound


22. Ya gotta let it soak

UnderTheBlimp / ifunny.co

23. Ya gotta do it at seven

kylllle / twitter

24. You gotta take it easy after this happens

projectoffset / reddit

25. Less is always more

Oppressive / ifunny.co

26. Everyone uses THE CHAIR


27. This is what “I’ll let you know” means

KennSunshine / twitter

28. All trust goes away when the remote is involved

igcourse / twitter

29. This is the most anxiety inducing moment


30. Sometimes it’s just better to be quiet:


Preview photo credit: FlySupaFly / Reddit