1. This student was bound and determined not to forget his bibliography

Twitter: silentbum

2. This student wanted to grab his professor’s attention, and I’d say he did

Twitter: frederick98_

3. This student forgot her professor’s name

Twitter: Zoeyoxley

4. This student submitted her assignment to one Thomas the Choo Choo Train

Twitter: BrileyR_

5. This student probably should have given a fu*k

Twitter: tessaippolito

6. This student is basically every student ever

Twitter: tht1internetgrl

7. This student majored in double entendres, apparently

Twitter: alexau17_

8. This student lowered her and her teacher’s expectations

Twitter: kenziewadsworth

9. This student is not wrong, but also maybe not right either

Twitter: mlereads

10. This student was way too honest about procrastinating

Twitter: sophiaswimgirl

11. This student made Dr. Seuss but probably not her professor very proud

Twitter: torthea_chip

12. This student clearly thinks highly of her professor

Twitter: MalteseCartoons

13. This student luckily had a very forgiving professor

Twitter: Kay_Padfoot

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: Twitter: tht1internetgrl